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Messaging platform adds themed QR codes, hidden text (spoilers), more emojis as well

Mumbai, NFAPost: Messaging platform Telegram has introduced a host of special features for users before the year 2021 comes to an end.

In its 12th major update this year, the app has added new features such as reactions, message translation, themed QR codes and hidden text (spoilers).

“This overall enhances user chat experience on the platform along with expanding more engaging ways to interact with different audiences,” Telegram said in a blog post.

React to individual messages

With the new ‘Reactions’ feature, users can now react to a specific message with emojis. Each reaction will appear with its own unique animation.

Users can change the default reaction to another emoji in Settings. On Android, this can be done from the ‘Quick Reaction’ option in Chat Settings while on iOS, users can do so from Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction.

“Reactions are always on in private chats. In groups and channels, the admins decide whether to turn on reactions and choose which reaction emoji are available in the chat,” Telegram further explained.

Admins can control reactions via their group or channel’s Info Page, in the Reactions section within ‘Edit.’

Translation feature

The new message translation feature will allow users to translate any message into another language, right in the app.

Translation feature will be available on all Android devices that support Telegram. However, iOS 15+ version will be required for Apple devices.

The number of supported languages is equivalent to the languages available on the OS (operating System).

Users can enable translation from Settings > Language. This will add a dedicated Translate button to the context menu when selecting a message.

“You can exclude any languages you speak fluently – which will hide the translate button for those messages,” the blog post said.

Spoiler messages

Telegram has also introduced Spoiler Messages to make chats more fun, where a user can hide a certain portion of the text with the help of ‘Spoiler’ formatting.

“This applies to the chat list and notifications, as well. Once the recipient tap the message, if they want to, the hidden text will be revealed,” it explained.

QR codes

Apart from these features, the app will allow generating QR codes for any users that have a public username.

“This also works for groups, channels and bots. This makes it easy to showcase someone’s profile in a quick manner,” Telegram said.

Users can Tap the new QR code icon next to the username of a person (or from a chat’s info page), choose the colours and pattern that fit best, then print, post or share their QR codes to other apps and platforms.

The platform has also redesigned all the context menus in Telegram for macOS, adding some new shortcut hints and introducing animated icons for every single menu item in the app.

It has also added more interactive emojis for users in this year-end update.

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