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Bangalore, NFAPost: Social media platform Facebook’s new avatar Meta has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as long-term strategic cloud provider to scale research and development, facilitate third-party collaborations and drive its operational efficiency, said the global e-tailor Amazon’s arm on Friday.

“Meta will use our cloud to complement its on-premises infrastructure and broaden its functions to compute, storage, databases and security services to provide privacy, reliability and scale,” said AWS in a statement here.

Both the US-based partners will also jointly help enterprises use PyTorch on AWS platform to bring learning models from research into production faster.

Developed by Facebook’s AI research lab, PyTorch is an open-source ML library, based on the Torch library and used for applications like computer vision and natural language processing.

“Meta will run third-party collaborations and use the cloud to support acquisitions of companies powered by AWS. It will also use AWS’s compute services to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) research and development for its AI group,” said the statement.

Both partners will improve the performance for customers running PyTorch on AWS and accelerate how developers build, train, deploy and operate AI/MI (machine learning) models. They will also help ML researches and developers optimise PyTorch performance and its integration with core managed services.

AWS’s service helps developers and data scientists build, train and deploy ML models quickly in the cloud and at the edge for building, training and deploying AI models at scale.

Building on open-source contributions, both the partners plan to help enterprises bring large-scale learning models from research to production faster with optimised performance on AWS.

“Though both have been expanding collaboration over the last 5 years, the new agreement will enable us to help Meta support R&D, drive innovation and tie-up with third parties and the open-source community,” said AWS vice-president for business development and industries Kathrin Renz.

Meta vice-president for production engineering Jason Kalich said the tie-up with AWS would help the social media platform to expand the scale and scope of its R&D work.

“The global reach of AWS will help us deliver innovative experiences for billions of people the world over that use our products and services and for customers running PyTorch on AWS,” added Kalich./eom/365 words/00:25

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