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The company comes up with world’s first all-inclusive software product for the decentralization of cloud computing, edge computing, data center and IoT launched in India

SynchroKnot’s vSoC poised to eliminate the need for centralised cloud computing; expected to rake in $8B in next 5 years;

By implementing SynchroKnot’s newest software product, Indian government and mid and high enterprise in India can save at least $500-800 billion USD.

Special offers for IITs and premier research institutions

Bengaluru, NFAPost: SynchroKnot, one of the leader in cloud computing and data center and decentralisation software and technology, has announced a new software product that is expected to bring a paradigm shift in the way cloud computing, edge computing, data centre and IoT is perceived and implemented in practice today.

In an interaction with NFAPost, Bengaluru-born founder of the company Mehul Sharma said SynchroKnot’s Virtual System on Chip (vSoC), a software-led implementation on a machine that allows for sharing of underlying physical machine resources between different virtual systems, dramatically reduce the cost associated with data centre hardware infrastructure, cooling, and software licensing by 30-50 times.

“With countries increasingly getting weary about data protection and need for data localisation, the home based solution has the potential to massively boost the local infrastructure to match it up to the world standards. The need to secure data and enable its judicious use for public good has been a topic of debate for quite some time now,” said Mehul Sharma.

SynchroKnot Founder and Creator of the Virtual System on Chip (vSOC) Mehul Sharma said his methodology is a complete alternative to centralised cloud infrastructure, hardware and software.

“The current system there will be three layers including physical servers and desktop virtualisation software along with redundnatat physical and virutal routers and switches. It is also added to physical and virtual SAN/NAS, distributed file and block storage,” he said.

SynchroKnot replaced all these within one minute using a SynchroKnot-certified system on chip (SoC) and connect it directly so that SynchroKnot software does everything. “Purchase SoC from SynchroKnot-authorised manufacturerer directly. Then stack them up with spacers and pillars and install SynchroKnot vSoC on the supported Derbian or Derbian-variant of the Linux operating system,” he said.

SynchroKnot founder said his product is very much suited to the current business environement as it has the potential for rejuvenating the economic dynamics of businesses around the world.

In the fast-slowing global economy, the SynchroKnot solution can give regions the competitive edge over existing technologies as they are complex, expensive and difficult to move away from.

“It is a reality that cloud computing architecture and business model is now in lisence control and there is increasing complexity and poor scalability. Besides facing the problem of inefficient security and cumbursome management, the cloud computing requires multi layered team for maintenance,” he said.

Highlighting the speech delivered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Sydney conference, Mehul Sharma said India is looking at the importance of data privacy.

“The greatest product of technology today is data. In India, we have created a robust framework of data protection, privacy and security. And, at the same time, we use data as a source of empowerment for people. We are one of the largest consumers of data,” said Narendra Modi.

Mehul Sharma also said the Prime Minister, too, has routinely stressed the importance of affordable and efficient cloud computing solutions that not just reduce India’s dependence on outside suppliers but also provide India with localised solutions to cater to solve its own unique problems.

“While keeping the untainted intention of delivering unique value by creating this product for over over 8 years, and having used it internally in our beta -to- production systems, I would like to unveil this product today for the betterment of global markets. The licenses for the Virtual System on Chip will be available shortly from our authorized System Integrators,” he said.

When asked about the sale of the product in India, Mehul Sharma also said he will also bank on the distributors and system integrators so that the large volume of demand from enterprise, government and MSMEs/startups can be addressed.

The move is also expected to strengthen India’s position in the AI and cloud computing market. SynchroKnot estimates that by 2026, the company is expecting a revenue upwards of $7.5 billion just from direct software sales, and with additional consulting, remote managed and support services, it is expected to be between $12-15 billion. For the Indian government and mid and high enterprise in India, at the most basic level, the product is expected to save at least $500-$800 billion.

When asked about working in India, SynchroKnot Founder Mehul Sharma said he is ready work with the Indian ecosystem even though he registered his company in Russia.

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