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Boom Motors from Coimbatore enters Indian EV space with laser-focused strategy to transition India to clean mobility

Their first product – the Boom Corbett is the most durable bike in India with best-in-class warranty of 7-years on chassis and 5-years on battery

The bike is fully designed and developed in India for Indian driving conditions

First EV company to introduce swappable smart batteries with portable chargers to remove India’s dependence on charging infrastructure

First EV company to offer 5-year EMI on vehicle purchase to reduce EMI rates as low as Rs. 1,699 per month

First EV company to have service touchpoints across the country

Bike packed with intelligent features like petrol savings tracking, CO2 offset tracking, accident/theft detection, and parental mode

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Boom Motors, owned by Boom Energy Solution, launched its first bike Boom Corbett with an app support and other commuting features.

Boom Corbett, one of the most durable and long-lasting bike from India, features a 2.3 kWh– which can optionally be doubled to 4.6 kWh – giving the vehicle a best-in-class range of up to 200 kms.

The motorbike has batteries which are swappable and they come with a portable charger that can plug into any household socket thereby removing the requirement for charging infrastructure.

The company claims that the vehicle can hit a top-speed of 75 kmph with the two-battery option, can support 200 kgs loading, and can climb the steepest gradients in our cities.

In order to fuel the transition to EVs, Boom Motors CEO Anirudh Ravi Narayanan said Boom Motors believes that vehicles should offer value, convenience and peace-of-mind to the customer – only then they will swich en masse.

“To demonstrate our best-in-class value, Boom Motors is the first EV company to offer customers to purchase our vehicles for 5-year EMI. Rates will start at Rs. 1,699 per month – which is less than what many people spend on petrol. For convenience, we are offering swappable battery with a portable charger that will allow the bike to be charged anywhere,” said Boom Motors CEO Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

He said today many people struggle with charging in apartments, offices, malls, etc and Boom is freeing people of this problem. “For peace-of-mind, we are offering service touchpoints across the country, roadside assistance and of course an unbeatably durable bike that will have minimal downtime to begin with,” said Boom Motors CEO Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

Expressing happiness over the launch, Boom Motors CEO Anirudh Ravi Narayanan said the company believes that climate change is the biggest threat in front of humanity and has made it the company’s mission to eliminate the largest sources of pollution in India – vehicular pollution.

“Climate change is globally a very important issue and I believe we have no time to waste. My co-founder Vinoth and I, and the entire team at Boom Motors have worked non-stop and tirelessly over the past two years to bring this product to market in record time,” said Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

The company set up its factory in Coimbatore and it is capable of manufacturing 100,000 bikes per year. Boom Motors decided to set up the factory there primarily becaue of the proximity to supply chain ecosystem. The company is working with the government aggressively to push towards India’s target of 100% Electric Vehicle in the country by 2030,

Unlike many other EV startups, our production has already started, and we are in the process of ramping up. We have localized supply chain not just to India, but inside Tamil Nadu for a significant portion of our parts, and have created hundreds of jobs in the process,” said Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

He also expressed happiness over the EV research and development teak of the company as it is one of the largest one ever formed by any EV company.

“I’m very proud of our teams’ accomplishments – we have created many patents on key technologies that are going to give India a technological advantage on EVs. For example, we have developed perhaps the best battery tech in India – the battery is completely fire-proof and very long-lasting,” said Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

Boom Motors is able to provide 5-year warranty on it vs. 3-years that is typical. Also the battery itself is super intelligent – running its own operating system inside.

Boom Motors founder also said he is proud that the company is operating till now with bootstrapped manner, that is without any external VC/PE investment – the first company in India to do so.

“However, our journey is just beginning – this is only our first product and our first factory – you are going to see a lot more unique and innovative products coming out from us in the near future. After all, India is a country of a billion people – we can’t hope to satisfy the tastes of our people with a single vehicle,” said Anirudh Ravi Narayanan.

Boom Motors is opening up bookings for its bike from tomorrow Nov 12th, 2021. The online booking requires a Rs. 499 deposit in order to confirm the introductory discount of Rs. 3k, and to hold a position in queue for deliveries.

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