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The launch of an industrial consortium to provide information resources support on cutting-edge technologies to industries working on artificial intelligence has been proposed by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

The consortium will empower the member industries to learn about scientific developments and latest trends in AI and data science through interaction with the centre and its faculty and access events and workshops organised by the centre.

The membership will encourage the industries to establish themselves as early as key players in the data science and Al space. It will also provide a potential to secure new and significant revenue streams.

According to Mindtree faculty fellow and head of RBCDSAI Balaraman Ravindran the idea is to use the consortium as a means to disseminate the output of research to industry partners quickly so that IIT Madras can work together towards their application in the field.

Currently, the centre provides two membership plans to the interested industries. RBCDSAI, an interdisciplinary research centre, has 28 faculty from 10 departments of IIT Madras working on various aspects and applications of AI.

Research at the centre covers deep learning, network analytics, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, theoretical machine learning, ethics, fairness and explainability in AI.

The centre also undertakes applied research in verticals such as financial analytics, manufacturing analytics, smart cities, systems biology and healthcare, according to a release.

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