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Zoho Corp announced the biggest and the most powerful Zoho One update as part of wider digital transformation of businesses with highly versatile unified interface, enhanced AI and BI enterprise search, cross-functional services, expanded marketplace, and product enhancements among others.

All-new unified Zoho One will have 5 new applications, 3 new services and all encompassing unified experience. Commenting on the launch, Zoho Corp Founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu said major update for Zoho One, the Operating System for Business, is a giant leap in our customer focused approach.

“Our vision of a unified suite that enables outstanding Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Operational Excellence and it takes a big major step forward. The industry will follow,” said Sridhar Vembu.

When the company launched Zoho One back in mid-2017 to serve as a disruptive all-in-one suite of 35 cloud applications, it was done with the sole aim of leveling the playing field for businesses of all types by making it possible for everyone to afford enterprise-grade software.

Today, Zoho One serves 40,000+ customers from various industries across 160+ countries. This is the direct result of putting customer needs at the forefront.

The Zoho One was an effort from the company to address Digital transformation happening around all business verticals as it not simply moving business to the web and a unified experience is not just integrations.

“A truly unified experience requires an unwavering commitment to building the product from the customer’s perspective, an environment for low-friction exchanges between various stakeholders (app users, developers, third-party service providers), and an exceptionally seamless experience for customers across touchpoints,” states Zoho Corp.

The company also states that Zoho One 21 is the result of its conscious effort to create a unified experience with these factors in mind, as well as a by-product of the vertical unification of apps, services, platforms, storage, and infrastructure stacks.

Besides the all-new unified user interface with total accessibility, consistency, intuitiveness, and speed, Zoho Corp kept in mind while building Zoho One 21 to provide a truly unified user experience, smart function and design deliberation conducted the orchestra side-by-side.

The Zoho One unified user interface will ensure consistency and continuity of experience when you move from app to app or device to device. The contextual, unified structure will save employees time and simplify the process of compiling and processing information.

The new interface’s contextual left pane makes navigation a breeze. Instead of scrambling through multiple open tabs, you can now switch between your most-used apps more efficiently. You can add and remove apps in the left pane, drag them into groups, and pin your favorites at the top to access them easily whenever you want.

Realizing the importance of two interactive dashboards for users, ZohoOne allows them to build it and users can accommodate their unique product and service usage system.

With over 50+ smart widgets, the new Zoho One interface lets users blend data, create views, and share with anybody you want. It also allows drag and drop customers favorite widgets to create the best view as well as do things like track calendar events, read emails, and check instant message notifications.

Zoho One also offers an array of apps in categories such as Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance, BI, IT, HR, Service, Developer, Productivity, Collaboration, and Communication. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we prioritized ecommerce, remote collaboration, and data cleanup over other categories and added new apps that would help our customers

It is interesting to find that Zoho One 21 has also unveiled the company’s first augmented reality remote assistance app, Zoho Lens. It offers a pair of virtual eyes to help you solve problems faster and reduce on-site visits.

Using Zoho Lens, technicians on the ground can just show the problem to an expert using their smartphone and get assistance in no time.

Commenting on the launch, Arvian Research stated that Zoho One will empower innovation and sustainable growth by unifying every aspect of business amid wider digital transformations.

With the right apps for all business verticals and its teams, Zoho One provides improved and extensible platforms with the right integrations to connect them and can effectively solve all business needs.

“With every new release, Zoho One continues to iterate and improve customer experience and will help customers move away from disjointed apps and information silos and enter into this new era of unified experience,” said Arvian Research.

Arvian Research also states it will make a significant difference in everyday productivity and overall experience.
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