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Offers 4 distinct ‘Personas’ with customization packs to match diverse lifestyles

A ‘No’ compromise SUV with Bold and Stunning design, Premium and Spacious interiors

Offers the agility of a hatch with the DNA of an SUV

Enjoy a spirited Performance with absolute safety, class leading comfort, advanced infotainment and rich connectivity

Mumbai, NFAPost: Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile brand, today unveiled India’s first sub-compact SUV, the Tata PUNCH. The latest addition to Tata Motor’s popular ‘New Forever’ range of cars and SUVs, the PUNCH reinforces the four core pillars that define all Tata SUVs- Stunning Design, Versatile and Engaging Performance, Roomy and Spacious Interiors, and Absolute Safety.

Available in 4 distinct personas with both Manual (MT) and Automatic (AMT) transmission options along with customisation packs to match your distinctive lifestyle, the Tata PUNCH offers the agility of a hatchback and all key capabilities of a true SUV.

Customers can start booking their choice of the Tata PUNCH persona on the Tata Motors website and across its wide network of over 1,000 showrooms across the country for just Rs. 21,000/-.

Unveiling the new SUV, Tata Motors Limited Global Head of Design Martin Uhlarik said the PUNCH has been developed by three design studios in India, UK, and Italy.

“Over 140 design personnel participated in this project, producing hundreds of sketches, a number of design proposals and models that has ultimately led to this Stunning and Bold SUV, which we are extremely delighted to unveil today. We have designed a unique whitespace sub-compact SUV which carries forward the same authenticity of Tata SUVs,” said Martin Uhlarik.

He also pointed out that its muscular surfacing and an athletic look make a perfect amalgamation for a tough SUV, living up to its bigger siblings.

“Intelligently designed in a compact footprint, it will be a high impact SUV and will redefine this crowded market. It is bold, young, modern yet robust, compact yet practical, tough yet playful and exudes true expression of confidence and individuality,” said Martin Uhlarik.

Rich innovations as industry ‘Firsts’

Ø India’s first Sub-Compact SUV, offers the agility of a hatch with the DNA of an SUV
Ø Advanced AMT with unique TractionPro Mode, enables a breezy drive through treacherous driving conditions
Ø Brake Sway Control – detects the tendency of instability during abrupt braking before the ABS kicks in to avoid vehicle swaying from the driving path
Ø Signature 90° opening doors – for easy ingress egress

Adopting a new age, human centric approach that goes beyond the conventional industry practice of trims, the PUNCH is designed and made available in 4 distinct personas- Pure, Adventure, Accomplished and Creative, to cater to the varied lifestyle of its customers.

In addition to the personas, customers can mark their PUNCH by choosing from 7 vibrant colours and further personalize it with the Rhythm and Dazzle customization packs, in tune with their lifestyle.

Tata Motors Design Studios in India, UK, and Italy collaborated to develop this unique vehicle to herald the creation of an entirely new category – the sub-compact SUV, to address a growing customer need for a small in size but large in space SUV.

Showcasing the first SUV from ALFA Architecture, Tata Motors Limited ALFA Architecture and Passenger Electric Vehicles Vice President, Product Line Head Anand Kulkarni said Tata Motors researches clearly showed that customers needed a small SUV.

“The most important criteria to meet this performance requirement was to start with a fundamentally strong & robust platform. The proven, state-of-the-art ALFA Architecture has the capabilities to deliver different body styles with outstanding build quality, delivering unmatched safety credentials,” said Anand Kulkarni.

He also said the success of Altroz is a testament to these capabilities. “The PUNCH is our first SUV offering from the ALFA Architecture and despite being designed in a compact footprint it meets all the key capabilities of a true SUV- tall stance, high ground clearance and commanding driving position that customers would expect from a SUV to navigate all the unexpected challenges that Indian roads have to offer,” said Anand Kulkarni.

Built on the proven and modern Agile Light Flexible Advanced (ALFA) Architecture, the PUNCH incorporate several industry first innovations to enhance both functionality and driving pleasure.

Its tall stance, high ground clearance and commanding driving position provide an exhilarating driving experience even while navigating all the unexpected challenges that Indian roads offer. The class leading comfort, advanced infotainment and connectivity match the high expectations of the discerning Indian car-buyers.

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