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Equitas Small Finance Bank has successfully facilitated and administered over one million vaccinations in collaboration with the state governments of India.

The milestone is a testament to Equitas’ belief of ‘Emerging Stronger and Together’ firmly embedded in the value system and anchored on the principle of going ‘Beyond Banking’.

Equitas Small Finance Bank staff assisted the officials in implementing a successful vaccination drive and taking on the challenging role of spreading awareness, persuading, assembling, and channelizing the community mainly focusing in the rural and underserved areas.

Capitalizing on its previous expertise in arranging numerous health camps, the Equitas team was able to inform and create relevant awareness while providing  basic amenities for doctors, officials and all those who administers the vaccine.

Equitas focussed on mobilizing the core of all families – women – to lead their immunization campaigns. The first step was tailored around women in slums and underprivileged communities who were informed on the significance and importance of the vaccines.

Since women are pivotal in disseminating essential information and convincing family members on various healthcare matters, the team provided them with the necessary understanding to be shared within their households and the surrounding community.

The teams were consistently contacting families and confirming if they had taken their vaccine doses. This data along with areas that had a lower frequency of vaccinated individuals helped to identify locations for the vaccination drives and successfully carry them out in partnership with the medical authorities.

Equitas Holdings Limited Executive Director and CEO John Alex said, “We at Equitas, strongly believe that the community is a key constituent of the nation’s growth. We have always actively been involved in the well-being of the less fortunate in our society.”

“The vaccination drive is a life-saving mission, considering any person who is vaccinated is 80% protected. We are happy to have collaborated with the state governments of India in the battle against the pandemic,” he added.

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