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Huawei became a founding member of the Equipment Vendor Programme (EVP) of the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS), in an effort to actively improve global Internet security.

MANRS is a global initiative fostered by the Internet Society (ISOC). It aims to provide crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats, such as Internet route hijacking, route leakage, and address spoofing through cooperation among carriers, IXPs, CDN & cloud providers, equipment vendors, and policy decision makers.

Ultimately, it aims to improve Internet security and resilience. The MANRS EVP is a new program for equipment vendors, following the Network Operator Program, IXP Program, and CDN and Cloud Program.

ISOC Technology Programmes Senior Director Andrei Robachevsky said Huawei, a worldwide leader in network equipment, is leading by example through their active contributions to the new MANRS Equipment Vendor Programme.

“Along with other founding participants in the program, Huawei’s involvement shows the importance network equipment vendors have in Internet routing security, and we hope it will motivate more members of the Internet infrastructure community to continue to make advancements to a more secure Internet for everyone,” said Andrei Robachevsky.

Huawei President of Router Domain, Data Communication Product Line, Hank Chen said routing security is crucial to Internet security, and that includes network devices (e.g., routers and IXP switches), the foundation of the Internet.

“Over the years, Huawei has dedicated itself to building secure and reliable network devices and has extensive capabilities and experience in the field,” said Hank Chen. He also stated that Huawei was honored to join MANRS as an active contributor to Internet security.

In the future, Huawei will continue to make efforts to ensure the openness, security, and stability of the Internet, and work with industry partners to promote the prosperity of the global Internet.

According to MAANRS sources, the organisation is thrilled to announce the new MANRS Equipment Vendor Program with founding participants Arista Networks, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper Networks and Nokia.

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