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Online bootcamp for digital economy skills training, Simplilearn, in collaboration with theUniversity of Arizona Global Campus Forbes School of Business and Technology (UAGC), launched its Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing.

UAGC has entered the partnership through its Knowledge Innovation Center (KIC), a new continuing education initiative designed to expand UAGC’s educational offerings.

UAGC, in collaboration with Simplilearn, provides learners the unique combined advantage of academic excellence from UAGC and the Simplilearn’s award-winning curriculum to help learners master a set of fundamental and highly critical digital marketing skills.

With over 100 hours of learning, requiring 4 to 5 hours weekly from the learners, the program is best suited for students or professionals looking to jump-start a career in digital marketing, especially in roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, SEO/PPC/Social-Media Manager, Content Marketing Manager, and Growth Hacker, a release said.

The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is delivered via Simplilearn’s bootcamp-style learning delivery model. This high-engagement learning model provides learners with an effective combination of online self-paced videos, live virtual classes, and online masterclasses conducted by top academicians of the University of Arizona Global Campus and industry experts.

With this intensive 5 to 6-month program, learners will gain knowledge on the practical aspects of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, and Social Media Marketing through tools and hands-on practice.

Learners will be further equipped with the fundamentals of digital marketing and receive training in content marketing, PPC, and digital analytics, leading to mastering social media, mobile marketing, and digital strategy. The program also offers a digital marketing Capstone project that allows learners to perform a project in a domain of their choice among Online Fashion, Smartphones, Electronics, FMCG, and Software. 

On the completion of the program, learners will receive a joint Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing by University of Arizona Global Campus and Simplilearn, university credits toward a degree, along with a UAGC Forbes Alumni conferral. Learners will also receive certificates from Simplilearn for all modules in the learning path.

Simplilearn Chief Product Officer Anand Narayanan said, “As economies evolve and businesses become digital-first, reaching audiences through relevant online and social platforms is no longer optional. With these platforms being constantly flooded with content, promotional communication, it is critical for today’s marketers to have the skills to ensure they are heard and sustain a strong presence in this environment.”

“While the pandemic has disrupted ways of working, it has also pushed companies and educators to be innovators who think and act fast. Digital Marketing skills will enable the new-age employee to stay ahead of the curve with the advantages of having the latest knowledge in the field,” said Paula J. Zobisch, Vice President, Knowledge Innovation Center.


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