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INVI-U1 is India’s only under-the-counter Inline UV water purifier

Bengaluru, NFAPost: A O Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment products, has launched INVI-U1, India’s only under-the-counter inline UV water purifier.

The product comes with a sleek and compact design powered by a double protection layer of UV+ Silver Activated Post Carbon (SAPC) technology.

It offers a five-stage purification process and provides healthy and safe water, making it a unique offering to the consumer. It also comes with a gooseneck faucet design and fits seamlessly with modern modular kitchen décor. INVI-U1 is suited for consumers who not only seek the best water purification solutions but also want a product that elevates the look of their modern kitchen.

Commenting on the launch, A O Smith India Managing Director Parag Kulkarni said the newness that consumers expect from the company is reflected in the products it offers.

“INVI-U1 series has features that not only make this product a remarkable one but also stand as a testimony to our commitment to understanding and answering the customers’ needs. Over the last few years, we have introduced many unique innovations in the Indian market, which are packed with a distinct combination of technology and cutting-edge features,” said Parag Kulkarni.

Parag Kulkarni said the company’s products also make a mark with their aesthetic excellence, exuding a premium look and feel with compact styling imparting an ultra-modern look. “This product fits in compactly under the counter making it convenient to use,” said Parag Kulkarni.

This under-the-counter water purifier saves space and is unique to the Indian market today. It does not require much maintenance other than regular changing of filters. The five-stage purification process consists of the sediment filter, SCB filter (secondary sediment + pre-carbon filter), UV lamp and SAPC technology, which kills the harmful bacteria in the water ensuring the highest levels of purification. The INVI-U1 water purifier is suited for areas where total dissolved solids TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels are below 200 ppm.

Parag Kulkarni said consumers have become increasingly health conscious today. “They expect advanced purification when it comes to drinking water, and this has resulted in an increased demand for technologically enhanced water purifiers in the market,” said Parag Kulkarni.

He said the company is excited about this launch, and believes this will create a shift in the way consumers use a water purifier.

“With this launch, the bar is certainly raised higher in the water purifier category. We will continue to set benchmarks in the industry with our innovative products and efficient service delivery, redefining the categories we are present in,” said Parag Kulkarni.

The company plans to consolidate its presence in this segment with a comprehensive product portfolio and deeper distribution reach in online and offline channels. “We are confident that our best-in-class water purifiers will generate demand among discerning consumers across the country,” added Parag Kulkarni.

This water purifier is competitively priced at an MRP of Rs 14,050 and comes with a one-year warranty on the UV lamp and all electrical and functional parts, except filters.

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