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OSS Infocom (, the country’s one of the leading importers and distributors of manufacturing equipment and utility products, recently launched a unique product range of Wera Tools of Germany in India.

Wera Tools is a well-known brand for a German tool manufacturer Wera Werkzeuge GmbH. Wera tools’ German headquarters and manufacturing facility located in the Czech Republic produces over 4500 tools for both manual and power tool applications. Wera Tools are used in the manufacturing of the world’s leading brands right from premium mobile phones to luxury cars.

India is one of the key markets for professional tools which are used particularly by electronics & mobile phone manufacturing/repair units, electricians, plumbers, engineers, auto manufactures/mechanics and many users at home for day to day fixing of gadgets and utilities make us their preferred choice for screwdrivers, bits, ratchets, spanners, hex keys and more.

Wera is well-known for its screwdrivers with the distinctive Kraftform handles shape. The inspiration for this design came from a variety of sources. This design is based on the curves of the hand when using a screwdriver and it incorporates a unique combination of ergonomic soft zones and smooth, firm zones.

Wera products include high precision Screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, ratchets and sockets, nut-spinners, and L-keys are among Wera’s offerings. Wera tools are mostly utilized by professional craftsmen, such as builders, electricians, and mechanics.

These tools will boost convenience to the workers 4X compared to the existing screwdrivers, ratchets, sockets and nut spinners. Wera created excellent hand tools to make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Wera Tools Export Manager Dag Bente said Wera Tools is pleased to service the Indian market through its partner OSS Infocom, which is well-versed in the country’s tool requirements and has an excellent sales network.

“We, as a company, will contribute to meeting the growing need for Wera tools in the Indian market. Wera Tools product line, with its unique approach to meeting high standards, will become a significant player in the Indian tool
market,” said Dag Bente.

The wide range of WERA tools that OSS Infocom provides to its customers includes Screwdrivers, Screwdriver Bits, Hex Keys, Ratchets and sockets, Spanners, Stainless steel tools, VDE Insulated 1,000V tools, and Multi-function Compact tools.

OSS Infocom Director Amit Sinsinwal said the company always aims to serve country and customers with the best products. “We are extremely happy and delighted to bring world-class brands to India. It will offer a wide choice of product categories to the manufacturing sector of the country, which is considered the greatest hub across the world,” said Amit Sinsinwal.

The idea behind bringing this world- class brand with a range of different tools is to resolve the hindrances and inconveniences faced by tradesmen and workers. “With Wera tools, we want to transform the lives of thousands of craftsmen across the country who depend on their various tools for a livelihood,” said Amit Sinsinwal.

Wera Tools is a global screwdriving tool manufacturer. Its global headquarters and European sales team are based in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera has two wholly-owned regional subsidiaries: in the United Kingdom (based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England) and North America (based in Ontario, Canada), where it is known as Wera Tools Inc. Outside of these areas, the company operates through a network of sales agents and wholesalers. Wera is a privately held company and employs more than 1100 people. The company was fully acquired in 2016 by Bitburger Holding. Wera Tools designs and manufactures more than 4,500 tools for both manual and power tool applications at its German headquarters and its factory in the Czech Republic.

OSS Infocom was established in 2014 as a distribution company with National Offline Retailers (~120+) and Distribution Centres (~15+) across India. Presently, OSS Infocom is managing national distribution across all channels for Garmin Corporation, USA. It has more than 10 logistics partners across the nation. OSS Infocom manages high visibility merchandising at the most prominent places inside and outside the stores.

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