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The company is disrupting the age-old approach of selecting and deploying IT operations management software

It also required heavy proofs of concept and long buying cycles

OpsRamp’s solution allows IT operators to sign up and begin monitoring cloud environments in a matter of minutes

San Francisco, NFAPost: OpsRamp, a leading platform for digital operations monitoring and management, announces a 14-day free trial of its platform.

The trial version combines discovery, monitoring, alerting, and dashboarding for cloud infrastructure services in a frictionless, self-service solution that delivers results in less than one hour.

The OpsRamp free trial is perfect for cloud operators and cloud engineers in mid-to-large enterprises (500+ employees) who need a modern IT infrastructure monitoring solution for cloud and cloud native environments.

The trial version includes:
Preloaded Google Cloud Platform resources: Users can choose to onboard their own environment for real-time insights, or get started fast with our pre-provisioned GCP infrastructure that’s ready to use.

Guided and automated onboarding: The OpsRamp onboarding wizard delivers auto monitoring for cloud services, containers, and Linux servers, ensuring rapid time-to-value for cloud discovery and onboarding.

Cloud and cloud native monitoring: Cloud operators can onboard and track the health and performance of their cloud infrastructure, including 160+ cloud services across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

The free trial also can monitor performance of on-prem Kubernetes clusters as well as managed Kubernetes environments such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

IT teams can also unify their metrics with long-term data retention support for Prometheus monitoring.

Customisable Dashboards: Cloud infrastructure teams can build customizable dashboards to track the metrics that they truly care about. Operators can extract relevant insights from a time-series database using Prometheus Query Language (PromQL). Dashboards currently support time series, single value, image, and text data for granular performance insights.

Alerting: Cloud operators can create centralized alert definitions that spell out warning and critical thresholds for a metric. They can then filter by key tags in the metrics, configure a threshold, and build routing policies to properly escalate that alert.

In less than 20 minutes after registering for the trial, users can onboard their cloud resources, access their first metrics and alerts, and track the performance of their cloud resources through out-of-the-box dashboards. They can also invite members of their organization to participate.

Users who love the free trial solution will be prompted to upgrade to the paid version which will allow them to transition their existing resources without any friction.

OpsRamp Director of Product Management Michael Fisher said for too long, IT operations management vendors have made the process of choosing and using their solutions a cumbersome process.

“Buyers have been confronted with expensive, patched-together solutions that require lengthy deployment cycles along with long-term maintenance contracts,” said ,


“We are applying a new, DevOps-like model to cloud ops management built around ease-of-set up and ease-of-use. We think IT operators will opt for a modern solution that allows them to discover, monitor and manage their cloud and container environments in a matter of minutes,” said Michael Fisher.

The free trial also provides OpsRamp’s reseller partners an easy, on-demand way to showcase OpsRamp’s value to their enterprise customers with an innovative cloud monitoring solution. “OpsRamp is helping IT Ops teams ‘control the chaos’ of modern infrastructure management,” said Ryan Foulk.

“Everything we do is about simplifying the life of the IT operator, and that’s why we’re excited to offer OpsRamp’s frictionless, 14-day free trial solution with rapid onboarding and fast time-to-value. Our customers want a simplified experience, and that’s what OpsRamp is delivering.”

Cloud operations and cloud infrastructure teams can sign up today for the 14-day free trial at

About OpsRamp

OpsRamp is the digital operations management platform for the modern digital business. It combines hybrid infrastructure monitoring, AIOps, and process automation to monitor and manage cloud and on-premises infrastructure while efficiently identifying and resolving incidents with machine learning.

Today’s enterprises are hybrid, distributed, and digital-first. OpsRamp is the platform that brings it all together. More info at

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