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Data Storage Corporation, a provider of diverse business continuity, disaster recovery protection, as well as cloud infrastructure solutions and services, announced managed services model partnership with Precisely.

The Nasdaq-listed Data Storage Corporation said this managed service partnership with the global leader in data integrity software company Precisely will bring innovative security software solutions to the cloud business.

Data Storage Corporation President Hal Schwartz said having worked with Precisely for many years within the traditional IBM mainframe environment, Data Storage is excited to now offer Precisely data integrity solutions to the many companies migrating to the cloud that have a need to protect information, data privacy, and compliance adherence.

“The combination of our expertise in IBM power systems and cloud solutions, coupled with Precisely’s robust security software solutions made this a natural next step in our evolution,” said Data Storage’s Hal Schwartz.

Data Storage’s ezSecurity is a graduated menu of IT security offerings focused on customer needs that starts with a no-charge security risk assessment.

Data Storage CTO Chuck Paolillo said the addition of Precisely’s expanded solutions within a cloud environment allows us to offer an even more robust and full-featured, monthly subscription-based offering that addresses the most common IT security exposure issues, including ransomware.

“Through a no-cost risk assessment and associated reports, we can pinpoint challenges and immediately remediate any issues that are discovered,” said Chuck Paolillo.

Data Storage was one of the first in the industry to pioneer cloud-based computing for IBM power systems using efficient, shared, and scalable resource architecture that diminishes the cost of equipment, as well as administrative overhead.

Additionally, Data Storage has developed a unique catalog of easy-to-manage branded solutions that are quick to deploy, covering high availability, disaster recovery, and full-production hosting — all coupled with managed services expertise.

Precisely Senior Vice President – IBM Infrastructure Craig Johnson said Precisely partnered with Data Storage for over 20 years, primarily in the high-availability and disaster recovery space on IBM Power Systems.

“We are excited to be working with them to bring these solutions to the cloud. This was a great opportunity to extend our offerings to a broader and expanding audience,” said Craig Johnson.

About Data Storage Corporation

The Company delivers and supports a broad range of premium technology solutions focusing on IaaS, data storage protection and IT management. Clients look to Data Storage to ensure disaster recovery, business continuity, enhance security, and to meet increasing industry, state and federal regulations.

The Company markets to businesses, government, education and the healthcare industry by leveraging leading technologies. Through its business units, the Company provides IaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, VoIP, cyber security, data analytics, IBM Power systems and storage hardware with managed IT services.

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