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The tech giant Facebook has launched the long-awaited end-to-end encryption technology for securing Facebook Messenger calls done as both audio and video.

Previously the platform had end-to-end encryption only for text messages, alongside the secret conversation option. Another feature is called Disappearing Messages will also receive end-to-end encryption. Keep reading to know more about Facebook Messenger updates.

The decision comes at a time when globally there is a spike in ransomware attacks and other types of cyber attacks. The move is viewed to further strengthen its security capabilities even though there is widespread doubt on encryption technologies also.

The end-to-end encryption technology protects interactions in such a way that only the sender and the receiver get the message, While data leaves the senders device, it is encrypted in the form that the intermediary server does not understand it.

However, when data reaches the receiver, it is decrypted again. End-end-end encryption is already used by the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp, Signal, Apple Messages and other service providers like Viber and Telegram.

The company said in it’s blog post that, “People expect their messaging apps to be secure and private, and with these new features, we’re giving them more control over how private they want their calls and chats to be.” The encryption technology will make the Facebook Messenger Calls more secure.

However, Facebook has introduced it as an option and will enable it when the user opts in. Expiring messages, which disappear after some time, have also received end-to-end protection on the platform. Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook and other messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

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