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Bengaluru, August 6th 2021:Bengaluru-based gaming and esports start-upEWar Games has been able to scale to new heights in terms of growth and market penetration in the first half of 2021.

The start-up has witnessed its user base broaden to 2.3 million+ users since January 2021. Additionally, the immense growth in the recent months has also led to EWar’sGross Transaction Value (GTV) grow by 5x, which points to an increasing number of players placing real-money wagers while using EWar’s flagship mobile gaming platform.

Among the key factors that have contributed towards EWar’s extraordinary growth metrics during the current year are – providing a great user experience on the product side coupled with high-quality customer support and retention methodologies and major investments by EWar into boosting growth and expansion.

With its latest growth spurt, EWar has once again reaffirmed and strengthened its commitment to become the fastest-growing gaming start-up in the country.

Speaking about the recent developments, EWar Games Founder & CEO Parth Chadha says rapid yet sustainable growth being a core business value for EWar, the company feels delighted to announce that since January this year, user base has grown by 4x.

“At the same time, we have further witnessed a massive spike in our monthly GTV, as the number of paying users on our platform has also grown by at least 10x. Another metric that has shown immense growth is our conversion rate. As we continue to add more users every month, the volume of EWar’s users placing wagers has increased to 45%, which is a key indicator that shows our platform’s engaging nature and customer-centricity,” said Parth Chadha.

Off late, increased casual gaming engagement on its platform has enabled the EWar team to acquire greater know-how and expertise over time, and going forward, the start-up plans on leveraging it by building its games in-house, which will allow EWar to control and optimize the way users engage with them.

Elaborating further, EWar Games Co-Founder & CTO Rahul Singh said the company’s consistent approach to building a gaming platform focused on crafting an excellent user-centric experience has been a major enabler in EWar’s continuous growth.

“Since we are parallelly observing major levels of ongoing growth in the casual gaming segment, our focus, in the near future, will be on building more games in-house, in a bid to capitalize on the growth momentum. With more and more users engaging with our platform and playing various types of real money games, plus an added fleet of casual games currently under development at EWar – all of this puts us on track to increase our market share in the Indian gaming space,” said Rahul Singh.

Notably, over the past 15-16 months period, a series of lockdowns/shutdowns due to COVID-19 and work-from-home policies have resulted in Indians spending an increasing amount of their at-home leisure time on their mobile phones playing games. Thanks to the Covid lockdown led boom in gaming space, EWar had, in the last year, witnessed huge traction with around 5x growth in its user base.

Hereafter, even during the Unlock phase and beyond and then through the second wave of the pandemic in 2021, EWar has been able to continue with its stupendous growth, majorly based on the platform’s highly user-centric operations. In the upcoming months of 2021, EWar Games is foreseeing a 60-90% Month-on-Month (MoM) growth in users, and hence the start-up is projected to grow to over 5million users by the end of the year.

About EWar

EWar Games — co-founded by Parth Chadha and Rahul Singh in January 2020 — is currently one of the leading gaming and esports startups in India. EWar’s cutting-edge real-money mobile gaming platform combines the best and most exciting features and/or functionalities from multiple platforms, thereby providing a one-stop solution for every mobile gamer and/or gaming and esports enthusiast, as well as giving online gamers a platform to compete at the same levels at which bigger and on-ground (physical) sports are played!

From casual and simple games like Ludo, Candy Crush, TappyBird, etc. to gruesome battle games like Call of Duty and Free Fire, card games like Poker and Rummy to fantasy games like Fantasy Cricket – EWar’s mobile app surely has something to offer for every mood and every type of gamer.

Furthermore, EWar provides its users an opportunity to play/battle against real players 1vs.1 or through competitive multiplayer tournaments or esports titles and get a chance to win exciting prizes and rewards. Through its entirely skill-based gaming platform, EWar is committed to taking the love of mobile gaming and esports to another level where winning is not only fun or entertaining for the players but profiting as well.

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