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Bengaluru, NFAPost: WhiteHat Jr Founder Karan Bajaj has announced his resignation as the company’s CEO, exactly a year after BYJU’S acquired the kids’ coding platform.

He hands over all the reins to Trupti Mukker, Karan’s colleague and classmate from IIM-B. Trupti Mukker joined BYJU’S/WhiteHat Jr in December 2020, to aid customer experience between students-teachers. Trupti Mukker takes over from Karan Bajaj, all his responsibilities including the FutureSchool and will head the organisation.

“I am inspired, excited, and challenged – all at the same time; with the tremendous opportunity to lead a phenomenal organization, founded and nurtured by the two greatest visionaries in EdTech – Karan Bajaj and Byju Raveendran,” said Trupti in a LinkedIn post.

It is interesting to find that after the acquisition of any startup the founders will have to serve the contract period and by the time it will gell with the parent company well. White hat Junior, which is being acquired by Byju’s, is now in safe hands and Karan Bajaj states that he intends to further his career in public service post-resignation.

“I will be fully present in transition for the immediate period; then intend to carve out a career in public service next. I’ll define the exact contours it’ll take in a few months while pursuing my interests in writing etc., so I have all the time in the world if you reach out anytime,” he said.

Only three years ago, WhiteHat Jr was just an idea. “Now, we’re a team of 17,000+ employees and teachers in multiple countries around the world from India, Australia and UK to US and Latin America, all deeply united by our mission and values,” Karana Bajaj said.

Karan Bajaj was also responsible for BYJU’S Future School, an initiative that aims to offer an interactive learning platform that blends real-time instruction with lessons. The company aimed to generate creative outcomes for kids aged between 6-18 years.

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