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FICCI & Sapphire Human Solutions has released the ‘CXO Moves Annual Report 2020-21’ during the webinar on Smart & Sustainable Leadership Hiring Colloquium: Attracting the desired leadership talent’.

The report highlights the leadership movements that took place in the last financial year (FY 2020-21) and can serve as a reference point for organisations across sectors in their CXO hiring process.

FICCI Secretary General Dilip Chenoy said, “Most businesses have remained resilient led by people being resilient for which HR teams deserve kudos and appreciation. They have looked at challenges on decreased demand and disrupted supply chain.”


Sapphire Human Solutions Founder & CEO Ankit Bansal said, “The pandemic ushered in a new normal. What the pandemic also did was highlight the importance of leadership and the criticality of hiring the right leadership.”

“Hiring mistakes at such level can not only prove costly but can also have some very serious repercussions on the organisation and on the growth of the organisation. With so much at stake, the CXO Moves Annual report is a ready reference that is designed to enhance the CXO hiring process,” Bansal added.

FICCI HR Committee Co-Chair & Indian Oil Corporation Director HR Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra said, “Job expectations in the corporates have changed where companies have come to expect much more from their C level executives because you need different and new skills to deal with today’s business.”

ICICI Securities MD & CEO Vijay Chandok said, “Leadership today, need to think in a multi modal way in terms of time frame. It’s not just about thinking short term but long term. The leadership needs to have the necessary skills to work in a multi modal pattern.”

The event was attended by over 100 senior leaders from the HR and business fraternity.


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