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● Swadesi has thrown open its virtual doors with an app and webstore, offering the largest online collective of homegrown-only brands in India to anyone with a smartphone and internet access.

● Backed with a consistently evolving and growing range of products and categories with the aim of adding more every week.

● Lasting benefits of listing with Swadesi’s platform, supported by a robust logistical and operational support system.

New Delhi, NFAPost: At a time when people are skeptical about the advantages of shopping only Indian, Swadesi offers renewed clarity through a platform that has a vast evolving range of homegrown products, made with internationally aligned practices and global standards, at the click of a button.

Taking inspiration from India’s historic and monumental self-reliant past and the relevance of the #Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative in the current economic climate, Swadesi brings the much-needed focus towards supporting the Indian market and making people aware of the importance of local self-sufficiency.

With the Indian infrastructure, knowledge, and tech currently at par with leading nations, we aggregate superior products from diverse categories, be it fashion, accessories, footwear, home decor, men & women apparel, personal care and grooming, amongst others.

Aiming to be one of the most voluminous Indian marketplaces on the Internet, Swadesi is an endeavour in boosting the painstakingly nurtured, homegrown Indian brands that want to find their way into more Indian homes and eventually across the globe.

A mighty vision, led by a powerful team of experienced entrepreneurs – Madhav Dhir and Srishti Dhir, Swadesi means business… one that helps foster the local brands, sellers and India’s renowned manufacturing process by making life even easier for the Indian customers. Not to mention, basic access to the internet along with the power of e-commerce, these brands and small businesses alike will get the support they need to thrive.

Being 100% Indian-owned, with only products from the country, Swadesi is working towards helping create jobs across sectors, supporting all kinds of local businesses and doing its part in boosting the Indian economy.

Swadesi wants to take on international ecommerce and imported brands by working gradually towards becoming the largest e-retailer for Indian goods and offerings. Geared with a user-friendly online interface, dedicated customer service, quick deliveries with a robust logistics system, Swadesi’s core focus is to ensure an easy shopping experience for everyone from one of the largest ranges of SKUs within an Indian e-commerce store.

A powerful, yet easy-to-use search engine in the web store and app, makes it possible for customers to find products after a few minutes of searching, without ever leaving the comfort of their spaces.

Founded by Madhav Dhir & Sristhi Dhir, Swadesi wants to address the gap in the market of Indian products that are locally manufactured by companies registered in India. The vision of the company is to provide an alternative marketplace aggregator for discerning and progressive customers who want to provide Indian businesses and consequently, the Indian economy, the boost it needs.

However, value is a two-way street and listing with Swadesi will provide lasting benefits, preferential margins, and access to a larger network of customers who appreciate your product with the added caveat of supporting homegrown brands and small businesses.

With close to 1000 vendors on board and counting, Swadesi is encouraging more Indian brands to be register as vendor partners and be a part of Swadesi’s constantly-growing ecosystem of brands that reflect India’s globally relevant products, made with love –

It is truly time to grow and flourish with everything Indian and give homegrown local products the support required to make this vision come to life. Log on to or download the app to finally say bye to Videsi and buy Swadesi.

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