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These risks are emanated by social collaboration platforms

Digital Safe 10 is Optimized to Combat Compliance Challenges Associated with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Micro Focus announced several updates to its compliance archiving solution that enable organisations to more efficiently manage the compliance risk associated with the use of social collaboration platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

New capabilities to discover, capture and review Zoom-based data alongside other key organizational data enables organizations to unify search and archiving activities across messages and attachments from multiple channels.

As customers navigate the challenge of compliance associated with the increased use of social collaboration platforms these new capabilities deliver faster, easier to use granular search results that increase workflow efficiency.

Increased challenges due to the rapid adoption of social collaboration tools, including data collection structuring and compliance tool sprawl, make it harder for IT teams to react to and manage compliance tasks.

Digital Safe 10 offers discovery and supervision of Zoom channel data, Zoom Channel data collection, as well as advanced object level enrichment, that enable organisations to query and conduct a single search across messages and attachments from multiple channels. These capabilities make it easier for IT managers to manage and process business communications in a single view, simplifying the entire workflow process and saving valuable resources.

Micro Focus Vice President of Product Management Rick Carlson said organizations have been forced to accelerate digital transformation from office-based work models to work-from-home arrangements, further exacerbating risk exposure through increased dependence on social collaboration platforms that remove employees from direct oversight.

“The enhancements to the Digital Safe 10 compliance archive platform provide customers a critical solution to these unique challenges by automating the best practice capture, enrichment and analysis of a wide variety of content, thereby simplifying the work to ensure regulatory compliance,” said Rick Carlson.

Micro Focus designed Digital Safe 10 compliance archiving to capture social collaboration messages, attachments and sentiment – creating a unified, analytics enabled compliance archive.

Important enhancements found in the latest version of Digital Safe 10 include the best-practice design, which enable the enrichment of individual messages for precise, granular queries and presents messages in a native conversation view. This enables users in “supervision review” and “legal discovery” processes to efficiently evaluate behaviors, trends and see multiple potential policy violations in a single pane.

Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 social collaboration enhancements includes following innovations

Intuitive Native View and Conversational Context: Access Digital Safe and supervisor-presented channel communications in a consistent, easy to understand view.

Common Platform Support: Digital Safe supports the most commonly used and fastest adopted collaboration and social media platforms “out of the box”.

Improved Message Tracking: APIs enable reconciliation of individual messages sent and messages archived by individual source channel.

Robust reporting capability for Counsel to enable discovery conferences with opposing counsel.

Fully Managed Service: Ongoing monitoring of source channels, implementation expertise including user setup and configuration, and reconciliation for compliance.

Micro Focus’ Compliance Archiving and Supervision solution supports highly regulated industries and furthers the Micro Focus commitment to helping the market manage compliance, regulatory, privacy and reputational risks across global financial services, Banking, and Insurance industries.

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