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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Carrying forward its legacy of being at the forefront of developing and transforming the transport industry, Volvo Group launched CampX in India.

CampX by Volvo Group is a global concept for innovation and collaboration, that will further strengthen the Group’s position into the emerging future. Swedish Ambassador H.E. Klas Molin inaugurated CampX facility by Volvo Group facility in the presence of Volvo Group’s senior leadership in Bengaluru.

Swedish Ambassador to India H.E. Klas Molin said he is happy to be in Bengaluru for the inauguration of the Volvo CampX facility – the first one outside Sweden.

“With innovation and collaboration at its core, CampX is a great example of how Sweden and India bring together key players, including start-ups and industry leaders, to begin transforming the transportation sector and creating a fossil-free future,” said H.E. Klas Molin.

Volvo Group India President & MD Kamal Bali said CampX by Volvo Group is the company’s global innovation arena for technology and business transformation and he is extremely pleased that now this marquee initiative in India.

“Automation, electromobility & connectivity, along with new-age business models and technologies, are transforming the future of transport industry. With a rich start-up eco-system in the country and the presence of one of Volvo Group’s largest product development sites, we are in a good position to support the future of the larger Group, the transport industry and fuel innovation in the Indian context,” said Kamal Bali.

Kamal Bali also said society faces major challenges with regards to urbanization, population growth and climate change.

“The need for transportation is poised to grow in the future, but it also needs to be done in a sustainable way. Volvo Group has made its 2040 Sustainability commitments clear – with an aim to move towards 100% fossil free, 100% safe, 100% more productive offerings. This future needs the deployment of new technologies, new business models as well as work-culture marked by intense collaboration. CampX will be a key driver in this future,” added Kamal Bali.

The concept of CampX by Volvo Group represents a new way of working that aims to speed up the pace of innovation. It is built on two pillars : co-locating functions and employees working with the new technologies to facilitate collaboration, and in partnership with external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and startups outside the Volvo Group. Partners to CampX in Bengaluru would come from within and around India.

Volvo Group Trucks Technology Vice-President C R Vishwanath said Volvo is keenly look forward to co-create and test new ideas using the labs, workshops along with startups and other external stakeholders, in close collaboration with subject matter experts from Volvo.

“In our CampX site in Sweden, we already have gathered nearly 1,000 of our technical and business experts within automation, connectivity and electromobility in one common workplace working on exciting new projects. We plan to replicate the same environment in Bengaluru and we invite partners to join us in shaping the future of the transport industry,” mentioned C R Vishwanath.

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