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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella lauded the stellar performance of its 4 lakh partners and announced a reduction in fees for Microsoft’s commercial marketplaces AppSource for business solutions and Azure Marketplace for IT solutions to 3% from an “industry-standard” 20% for every transactable application published.

The company made the announcement at the annual partner event Microsoft Inspirt by giving them a big thanks. Satya Nadella called them “the core to who we are and what we do as a company.”

“When it comes to our partners, we believe in two truths. First, we’re only successful if you are successful. That means creating new opportunity for you across every sector and every country. And second, we collectively are successful when the world around us is successful…Over the course of this pandemic, you’ve done the hard work to help the world use digital technology and get through one of the most challenging moments in modern history,” said Nadella said during his keynote address of the technology and cloud computing provider’s partner conference.

Commenting on the reduction in fees for Microsoft’s commercial marketplaces, Satya Nadella said the announcement is the company’s investment in partners success, so they can invest more in their business and people.

“We want to be the best partner for our partners. What we are witnessing is a generational shift — not just in technology platforms, but in digital adoption curves. We have built the most trusted and comprehensive cloud to translate this structural change into opportunity for you as partners and maximize the value for our mutual customers,” said Microsoft CEO.

He also reminded the fact that software and digital technologies represent the most malleable and infinite resource to drive growth for the world. “Microsoft partners are helping customers navigate the rapid change by reimagining how people sample products, processing billions of federal Paycheck Protection Program loans, helping businesses adjust their supply chains — even flying drones on Mars,” said Sathya Nadella.

Sathya Nadella thanked them for facing challenges and help others to face it diligently to come up with success. “This partner ecosystem — all 400,000 of you — are projected to generate more than 10 million new jobs over the next four years alone. And for every $1 Microsoft generates, our partner ecosystem generates nearly $10 more. And, most importantly, the work we do together uplift the communities where we live and work,” he said.

He pointed out that it is difficult to predict every tail event or challenge ahead, but digital technology will be key to resilience and transformation through whatever may come on the way.

“There is no going back to digital adoption levels of two years ago — there’s only going forward. And this will require a step function change in the level of tech intensity in the years ahead. Every company will need to be a technology company in their own right. The solution areas you’re building upon were uniquely designed for this time, and they are your tools to help people, organizations and entire industries build their own digital capability,” said Sathya Nadella.

Mirrosoft CEO highlighted the fact that the Microsoft cloud is the most comprehensive and trusted cloud and no other cloud offers its breadth or depth as it helps power every organization’s digital capability while ensuring their independence and sovereignty over it.

“No other cloud offers this. And the Microsoft cloud is built on trust and security: trust in technology, trust in business model alignment. No other cloud offers this. And the Microsoft Cloud offers the best integration across the technology stack, while offering openness at every layer of the stack, ultimately improving time to value, reducing costs, increasing agility. No other cloud offers this,” he said.

He reminded the fact that Microsoft cloud is the only cloud with the capabilities to support every organization’s multi-cloud, hybrid and edge needs in this environment. “We’re building the world’s computer with more than 60 data center regions — more than any other cloud provider — and we’re not stopping there. We’re bringing the power of the cloud closer to where the data is generated,” he said.

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