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New Delhi, NFPost: Former Nutanix CEO, Dheeraj Pandey has proved himself with a new software startup company that already generated $50 million in seed funding, hired over 75 people and has a product ready to hit the market next year with a focus on bringing developers closer to customers and revenue.

Dheeraj Pandey’s launched his new startup DevRev and now just seven months after his departure from Nutanix, where he was the face and the leader of the hyper-converged and hybrid cloud software star.

Dheeraj Pandey co-founded DevRev alongside Nutanix’s former senior vice president of engineering, Manoj Agarwal, who, like Pandey, also left Nutanix in 2020.

The startup is building an API-first dev-centric CRM offering that leverages data, design and machine intelligence to empower developers to build, support, and grow their business.

In a statement, Dheeraj Pandey said today every company is a software company, yet isolate developers (dev) from customers and revenue (rev).

“By removing the bureaucracy between makers and consumers-with APIs, design and an opinionated engagement model-we will empower devs to create customer-conscious products and businesses. That’s our mission: Bring dev and rev together,” said Dheeraj Pandey.

DevRev is targeting 2022 for its product to become generally available. Driven by a design-first, API-first and machine intelligence culture, DevRev will enable developers and customers to communicate and collaborate with each other socially and in real time.

Using the platform DevRev is creating, developers will be able to connect their code to production issues and customer interactions in a singular unified experience. The company said DevRev will help developers create modern product-led growth companies that are cloud-centric and service-oriented.

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