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New Delhi, NFAPost: The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) announced the appointment of Sijo Kuruvilla George as its new Executive Director. He brings with him a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, gained from over a decade in the startup space. He will be leading the organisation’s efforts and be responsible for all executive decisions and communications by ADIF.

Speaking on the appointment, ADIF Board member and one of the founders Ritesh Malik said the organisation welcomes Sijo as the Executive Director of ADIF.

“With a strong and deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that start-ups face today, Sijo will strengthen the efforts of ADIF to make India the best startup nation globally,” said Ritesh Malik.

At its core, ADIF aims to bring together founders and startups that are vested in the success of Digital India. Sijo will help drive this collaboration and lead the alliance.”

Sijo is a member of central government’s Science & Technology Policy Expert Committee of Entrepreneurship and was one of the leading members in the formulation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020. He was the Founding CEO of Startup Village, India’s first PPP Technology Business Incubator.

Alongside Sijo, ADIF’s founding team will be led by Tom, Jibin, and Amanat, where Tom will oversee Government Relations, Jibin will oversee Startup Relations and Amanat will oversee Content & Editorial.

The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) is a think tank for India’s digital start-ups formed to fully capitalise on the sector’s promise with the objective of its long-term prosperity in mind. ADIF aims to build an open, fair, neutral, and self-reliant technology ecosystem that promotes a level playing field.

ADIF’s mission is to transform the Indian startup ecosystem into among the best in the world while upholding the essence of the Indian startup playbook or the Indus Valley Playbook and ensuring that it emerges as a strong alternative to the dominant Silicon Valley Playbook.

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