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New Delhi, NFAPost: The Digital Communications Commission (DCC), formerly the Telecom Commission, has cleared a provision of using satellite connectivity in telecom networks through VSAT terminal to provide services in remote areas where it is difficult to lay optical fibre network, a senior official said.

Anshu Prakash, Telecom Secretary told PTI that the DCC has also cleared the Request for Proposal for the rollout of BharatNet project for broadband services in villages, in 16 states in public private partnership mode with viability gap funding of ₹19,041 crore.

The Telecom Commission was set up by the Government of India vide the Resolution dated 11th April, 1989 with administrative and financial powers of the Government of India to deal with various aspects of Telecommunications. The Government, vide Resolution dated 22nd October,2018, has re-designated the ‘Telecom Commission’ as the ‘Digital Communications Commission’.

With a view of ease of doing business, the DCC has approved provision of cellular backhaul connectivity via satellite through VSAT for telecom services as per Trai recommendation. This will help telecom companies in providing service in far flung areas where it is difficult to lay optical fibre,” Prakash said.

He further said that, within a week of the Cabinet approving public private partnership mode for the rollout of BharatNet project in 16 states with viability gap funding of Rs 19,041 crore, the DCC has cleared the RFP for the project.

This will help telecom operators in connecting their mobile towers in tough terrains by using satellite services through VSAT (very-small-aperture terminal) system.

The new permission will give an initial edge to Bharti Airtel as the Bharti Group has invested in satellite communications firm OneWeb. The VSAT service providers will also be able to support telecom operators for setting up wi-fi hotspots.

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