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The digital platform CoWIN which is formed to help people register for vaccination against Covid-19, book a slot and download vaccination certificates is all set to go global.

Speaking at CoWIN global conclave, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the open source platform would be made available to the whole world. “Soon, CoWIN will be available to any and all countries. The software can be customised according to the local requirements of any country,” said Narendra Modi.

As many as 50 countries including Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama and Uganda have shown interest in adopting the CoWin platform.

The conclave shared India’s experience with regards to universal vaccination to fight Covid-19 through CoWIN. The event was organised in a joint initiative by the Union Ministry of Health, Ministry of External Affairs and the NHA.

The full form of CoWIN is Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work. It was introduced by the central government in January when the vaccination drive against Covid-19 began in the country. It is a website for beneficiaries and for officials associated with the vaccination process, there is a different mobile application as well.

The e-portal allows beneficiaries to book a vaccination slot. They can choose a day and time slot as per their preference. The beneficiaries can register at the website with their phone number. They will then receive an OTP to be entered in the required field. The beneficiary will then be asked to enter their Aadhaar details and can move forward to book their vaccination slot.

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