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Founded by Pranjal Kumar and Akanksha Bhardwaj, Knackit is a talent-sharing platform where users can showcase and monetise their artistry has raised Seed round of Rs 1 crore from serial entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal.

Knackit’s prime goal is to get talented and passionate individuals recognised by Industry experts. In India, where various forms of art (performing or visual) are yet to be acknowledged as potential professions, some top-notch artists get left behind. This is a loss, not just to those artists but to our country as well.

Commenting on the funding, Jyoti Bansal said he is excited to be a part of Knackit’s journey. “Its emphasis on making a righteous move towards the pain point (lack of acknowledgment of art as a career) that exists in our country is what makes it worth investing in. Though some other startups also emerged from the same idea of getting artists recognised but coming up with an idea is just 1 percent of building a successful company, the rest is what depends on the right execution,” said Jyoti Bansal.

However, Jyoti Bansal with Knackit, the startup’s mission-oriented mindset, user experience, focus on always improving and rapid delivery makes this opportunity massive and a prospective reason for its popularity in the near future. “The trust and transparency amongst the team will, fortunately, lead it to long-term success,” said Jyoti Bansal.

Knackit Co-Founder and CEO Pranjal Kumar said the company is grateful to Jyoti Bansal for helping them in their journey to become a leading Talent marketplace for artists.

“11 months back, we started with a vision of “Turning Passion into Profession”, and gladly, this is what has driven our team so far in this incredible journey. This journey is not ours alone. We owe a huge Thank You to you, our half a million users and 50k+ paying users. Your confidence and trust in knackit keeps our team laser-focused on delivering the best Talent app possible,” said Pranjal Kumar

Pranjal Kumar said he is excited about what the future holds and how Knackit can grow by focusing on some key areas with this funding.

“We plan to constantly work on User experience and provide adequate ways to monetize skills. The current offerings of the app are just the genesis of this start-up and eventually, we wish to provide a range of services and serve as a go-to platform for all the artists and help them in taking steps towards turning their passion into the profession,” said Pranjal Kumar.

Knackit’s Paresh Patil said it is rightly said by John C. Maxwell, ‘Team Work makes the Dream Work’. “Our current success would not have been possible without the great team that we have. At Knackit, we value fostering a phenomenal work environment that shines through every touchpoint. That’s why we’re honing in on hiring exceptional talent to grow faster, build better, and efficiently support everyone,” said Paresh Patil.

The team plays a key role in bringing ideas to life. “I see so many talents around me that are getting wasted. I always wanted to build something for myself and the people around me. So, that triggered me to do something exciting and that motivated me to join Knackit.”, says Paresh Patil.

Nirav says there are many talent showcasing platforms but Knackit has its unique features which put the artists in power to gain recognition. “When I first heard about the Idea, I was completely sold on it and as I was keen to work in a startup, I joined the same day. Building Knackit has been like a roller coaster ride but we always saw its potential to outgrow other talent focussed platforms,” says Nirav.

Devangi says one of the core reasons for joining Knackit was its vision of solving problems of millions of artists and helping them to monetize skills. “The novel approach of everyone around, especially the founders will help me to see the other side of the coin and approach things in an unusual way. This hits me to join this startup,” said Devangi.

Abhay says Knackit’ is a new generation platform. “All types of artists can showcase their talent and monetise their skills. It’s a young idea, and has a lot of potentials to bring about changes in our society,” says Abhay.

Knackit Director Akanksha Bhardwaj says when this idea was blooming in their heads she believed in it. “Not just because it was unique but also because it is trying to pinpoint and solve a problem which people are trying to find workaround solutions for. We have just started and took the first step in that direction,” says Akanksha Bhardwaj.

With this funding, we hope to become the go-to marketplace for the budding artists and ultimately, take Knackit to greater heights.

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