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NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Jio Platforms (JPL), a subsidiary of RIL, announced a collaboration to implement a 5G NR O-RAN small cell solution that incorporates NXP’s Layerscape family of multicore processors.

The combined solution will power new RAN networks that will deliver high performance, enabling a wide range of 5G use cases for broadband access as well as Industry 4.0 and IoT applications, including tele-medicine, tele-education, augmented/virtual reality, drone-based agricultural monitoring and more.

JPL has leveraged the high performance and flexibility of NXP’s Layerscape processors in its new 5G NR solutions. The combination enables a powerful offering that has successfully tested at 100 MHz channel bandwidth in 3.5 GHz spectrum with peak data rates of 1 Gbps+.

This translates to increased performance for a wide range of segments, enabling innovative applications in smart cities, smart homes, health and education, and significantly enhanced user experience in data download rates for all mobile users. As a result, JPL’s 5G NR radio solutions are well suited for next generation RAN networks, providing increased indoor and outdoor performance and enabling a wide range of 5G use cases.

Jio Platforms Senior Vice President Aayush Bhatnagar said the NXP processor platform is an important component of Jio’s 5G journey.

“5G New Radio solutions require flexibility in terms of the platform features, efficiency and rich tooling, which NXP brings to the table. Along with NXP, Jio Platforms has developed state-of-the art radio products, which are compliant to the 3GPP as well as to the O-RAN standards. We have a history of close collaboration with NXP, and we look forward to strengthening it further.” said Aayush Bhatnagar.

NXP’s Layerscape family of multicore processors provides high levels of integration and deliver strong performance leveraging the combination of Arm 64-bit cores, networking and security offload engines with wide high-speed SerDes interfaces for highly integrated system implementation.

Hardware networking offload include switching, timing, parsing and Quality of Service (QoS), providing offload for eCPRI C/U- and S-Plane offload including virtualized and containerized L1/L2 applications. The overall system delivers efficient, scalable performance via software programmable implementation.

NXP Semiconductors (Network Edge ) Senior Vice President and General Manager Tareq Bustami said the collaboration with Jio to develop, test and deploy 5G solutions underscores the power of the company’s Layerscape products and the growing ability of NXP’s antenna-to-processor portfolio to accelerate new 5G deployments.

“Jio and NXP are both focused on technical and innovation leadership, and this combined systems integration demonstrates our shared vision to deliver efficient 5G NR solutions to the India market,” said Tareq Bustami.

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