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UPL is the largest manufacturer and distributor of biosolutions worldwide.

NPP will focus on UPL’s global biosolutions operations, accounting for 7% of total revenues.

Biosolutions market set to grow to $10 billion by 2025 as consumers demand more sustainable food systems.

UPL Ltd, a world leader in sustainable agriculture products and solutions, has announced the launch of ‘NPP’ – Natural Plant Protection – a new global business unit housing UPL’s comprehensive portfolio of natural and biologically derived agricultural inputs and technologies.

NPP will act as a stand-alone brand, consolidating UPL’s existing biosolutions portfolio, network of R&D laboratories and facilities worldwide, which currently accounts for 7% of UPL’s total revenues.

NPP’s global offering will continue to benefit from UPL’s extensive global distribution footprint, drawing on innovation, research and development capabilities, and will be supported by UPL’s unique, proven ability to rapidly bring products to market on a global scale.

NPP’s extensive portfolio will play a vital role addressing farmers’ pain points – including abiotic stress, soil health, residues, and resistance management – in developed and developing agricultural markets alike.

UPL Ltd Global CEO Jai Shroff said for over two decades, UPL has been investing in the development and scaling of biosolutions.

“The strength of our current portfolio is a testament not only to our progressive approach to sustainable agriculture, but also to the dedication of our teams across the world to meeting the innovation and technology needs of farmers, consumers, and the environment,” said Jai Shroff.

He said UPL Ltd’s OpenAg purpose places collaboration at the heart of progress, and NPP will work across UPL’s global footprint to shape and scale the biological technologies of the future.

NPP (UPL Ltd) Chief Operating Officer Fabio Torretta said NPP can change the world. “It has the right capabilities, the right mindset, and the right technical skills and resources to drive a new era of positive, progressive change in agriculture,” said Fabio Torretta.

Fabio Torretta said the biosolutions market is set for double-digit growth to $10 billion by 2025, compared to traditional agrochemicals, which are projected to experience single-digit growth. “NPP is well-positioned to shape a more sustainable food future,” said Fabio Torretta.

One of NPP’s greatest strengths will be the company’s ability to cross-pollinate innovation across regions, understanding and learning from the needs of one market to increase the speed and depth of penetration into another market.

NPP will be agile in adding products and platforms to its portfolio, creating global partnerships and training programs, contributing to environmental sustainability, farmer resilience, and improving food value chains worldwide.

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