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Facebook is reportedly planning to launch the smartwatch next summer. The Facebook smartwatch will feature a display that has two cameras.

It will be detachable from the wrist so users can take pictures and videos with it, and share them on Facebook apps including Instagram from the smartwatch. The front camera on the Facebook smartwatch will be solely for video calling, and a Full HD rear camera will be for capturing photos and videos when it’s detached from the wrist, according to report.

The detachable functionality is going to be more useful as Facebook is working with other companies to attach the camera to things like backpacks. The reason behind this is said to be a way of encouraging people to use the smartwatch in ways smartphones are used.

Facebook also plans to add LTE connectivity to the smartwatch, and it’s currently working with US wireless carriers for the feature. This means that you won’t need to pair the smartwatch with a phone. The Facebook smartwatch is said to come in three colour options of white, black, and gold. Facebook’s initial target of selling the smartwatch is in the low six figures.

The report added that Facebook is already working on the second and third generations of the smartwatch. The future versions of the smartwatch are said to act as a key input device for Facebook’s augmented reality glasses that are also in the works. As for the first Facebook smartwatch, it is expected to debut during the summer of 2022, and it could be priced around $400.

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