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Mumbai, NFAPost: Tata Consulting Services (TCS), India’s leading IT services company, stated that its has brought 2,400 startups into the company’s Co-innovation Network.

Speaking at the 26th AGM of the company, TCS Chairman and CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said the expanded co-innvation network is expanding as part of research and innovation methods.

“We work not just within TCS but also with our extended ecosystem of 67 academic partners, 2,400 start-ups to bring together, into our co-innovation network,” said Rajesh Gopinathan at the AGM meeting.

The company’s engagement with the startup is part of its research and innovation methods which are catalysing the growth and transformation engagement. Besides startups, TCS also developed an extended ecosystem of 67 academic partners as part of the initiative.

“We now have more than 6,000 researchers, inventors and innovators working in TCS, who collectively produced more than 240 papers and filed 5879 patents of which we have been granted 1850 patents,” said Rajesh Gopinathan.

TCS’ own innovation expands in more than 30 innovation labs and 5 TCS Pace TM ports located across the world. “In all, we invested 1.2% of our revenue in our Research & Innovation efforts this year adding to ₹1,917 crores invested in research and innovation in the year ending on 31st March, 2021,” said Rajesh Gopinathan.

TCS has come up with TCS Incubation and its team identifies, nurtures, and builds emerging businesses by leveraging new-age technologies and business models.

The company’s in-house innovation module TCS Entrepreneurship Programme leverages global best practices, lean startup methodology, and design thinking to provide idea selection, development through rapid validation, and delivery of a minimum viable product for big bets.

TCS Entrepreneurship Programme enables customers, experts, entrepreneurs, and its COIN™ ecosystem of startups and research partners to come together and rapidly convert innovative ideas into disruptive business offerings.

TCS Incubation’s current focus areas include:

Drones : We help enterprises reimagine their operations by leveraging drone technologies and fit-for-purpose cameras, sensors and advanced analytics, providing them an ecosystem for rapid experimentation, solution scale-out, and co-innovation. TCS’ drone offerings help companies minimize their operational risk and costs, and boost productivity and accuracy in a host of applications across industries.

Integrated IOT-IT-Biz-Dev-Sec-Test Operations Framework

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Transformation

Previously incubated programs have included IOT/ TCS Connected Universe Platform and TCS’ Digital Marketing business.


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