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To scout opportunities in Automobile sector workforce

Partnership to deliver strategic benefits through the implementation of technology for the workforce in the automobile sector by integrating career counselling, skilling programmes through ASDC, and job opportunities.

New Delhi, NFAPost: India’s largest professional networking platform Apna has signed an MoU with the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) to provide a platform dedicated to students and workers in the automobile sector for career counselling and job opportunities.

For the first time, students and professionals’ candidates will have opportunities to upgrade themselves as per their career aspirations with the certified ASDC skilling programmes.

The partnership focuses on giving counselling and training to the workforce and students by providing relevant content, information for career opportunities, in the automobile sector.

Moreover, both parties have also collaborated in conducting research and identifying the opportunities to conduct joint studies and circulate several blogs and whitepapers as well.

The candidates enrolling for this program will be facilitated with live and recorded webinars on professional networking, and community engagement by the Apna platform. The Apna platform will enable engaging students and candidates with ASDC master trainers who are responsible for creating an active community of automobile professionals across India.

Likewise, this collaboration will also enable the candidates to discover hyper-local job opportunities offered by Apna that are suitable for the automobile sector.

Lauding the partnership, Apna.cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Nirmit Parikh said the startup is thrilled to be partnering with the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) and contribute to India’s growth journey by providing counseling and job opportunities to young students and workforce.

“The opportunities provided by the platform will deliver strategic benefits through the implementation of technology and will help students and workers to get trained and upskill themselves by certification provided by ASDC. It is the right time to invest in new skilling programs available with ASDC master trainers for skilling the youth. We see this partnership going a long way in contributing to the enhancement of lives of our aspiring workforce in the automobile sector,” said Nirmit Parikh.

ASDC Chairman Nikunj Sanghi said with technological advancement and digitalisation, ASDC will together deliver strategic benefits to students and workers in the automobile sector.

“The Apna and ASDC partnership will provide a platform that will facilitate live and recorded webinars on professional networking, community engagement for every candidate enrolling for ASDC skilling programs. In these unprecedented times, our goal is to upgrade their skills and match these with the new job opportunities for our frontline workforce,” said Nikunj Sanghi.

The Apna-ASDC partnership will take place on the ASDC career portal that will redirect the students to the dedicated website which will help them by providing career and job-related information. The upskilling and reskilling agenda will prove beneficial as the automotive industry embraces digital and AI-enabled practices.

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