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Smart appliance uses bio-friendly ozone technology to remove harmful components from fresh produce.

Kent, healthcare products company headquartered in Noida, launched Ultima vegetable cleaner that helps you remove germs, bacteria, chemicals, waxes and soil present on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

According to the company, Kent’s Ulitma helps in cleaning those market-bought vegetables and fruits properly which effectively removes insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals from the surface of food items. This smart appliance uses bio-friendly ozone technology to remove these harmful components from the surface.

During the journey from farm to consumer, fruits and vegetables are handled by multiple people and usually displayed in the open in markets. As a result, they could be contaminated with microbes, soil, dirt, as well as pesticide residues.

The vegetable cleaner has a silicone tube connected to a stone, which oxidizes residual chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides from your food items’ surface in 15-30 minutes. After the cleaning is done, you just need to rinse them with fresh water.

Cleaning them properly is thus an important step in staying healthy and it has become a necessity in the face of the pandemic “Covid-19”.

Its easy cleaning process oxidizes residual chemicals from your items’ surface and purifies them completely.Ozone technology used by the vegetable cleaner effectively oxidizes residual chemicals from food items, making it safe for consumption. It has been found that Ozone gas can not only control but can also kill Bacteria, harmful Viruses.

Another highlight is that the Food purified by Ultima vegetable cleaner remains fresh and de-odorized for longer duration and has a higher shelf life. This user friendly appliance has a modern design that makes it suitable for wall-mounting and must have for all kitchens.

Moreover, it has a very long shelf life and requires hassle-free maintenance as it does not need any service or change of parts. Kent Ultima Vegetable Cleaner is available with a detachable tank that can be easily separated from the main body. So you can enjoy a safer and hygienic cleaning of food items every time. It produces ozone with the help of oxygen present in the atmosphere.

Speaking on the launch Kent Ro systems Chairman Dr. Mahesh Gupta said that after the pandemic there has been an increased interest in products related to hygiene.

“This is the time when people realized the critical need for a product like this one. Kent Ro has been continuously innovating and intensifying its presence in the category. Last year we entered the food hygiene segment with the launch of Kent Counter Top Vegetable & Fruit Disinfectant & Compact Wall-Mounted Vegetable & Fruit Disinfectant,” said Dr. Mahesh Gupta.

He also said there is a shift in consumer habits and consumption patterns which is centered on personal and domestic hygiene. “Keeping this in mind, we have launched another range of fruit and vegetable cleaner,” said Dr. Mahesh Gupta.

Priced at Rs 9000/- KENT Ultima vegetable cleaner is available at all KENT outlets and online on

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