XCMG to Livestream Third International Customer Festival on Facebook at 4pm (GMT+8), May 20 2021.
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XCMG, One of the leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, is scheduled to host its third International Customers Festival aka the “Festival” on May 20 in Xuzhou, China.

The event will be livestreamed to global customers and viewers on Facebook, highlighting XCMG’s latest products, technological innovations and intelligent manufacturing factories.

“As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the third Festival will be once again hosted in the form of livestreaming, taking global customers on tours through the lens across XCMG’s modern production lines to experience the cutting-edge innovations, craftsmanship and outstanding performance of our products, as well as the charms of construction machinery equipment from a world-class brand,” said Wang Min, chairman and CEO of XCMG.

XCMG will introduce 16 of its latest products at the Festival, especially highlighting:

  • Crawler excavator XE370CA: a new self-developed crawler hydraulic excavator adopting advanced design techniques. The excavator highlights safety, environmental performance and high production efficiency, and is a powerful model for a full range of applications.
  • Mining excavator XE1250: It comes in high-end configurations with crucial components and parts from globally advanced brands. It supports high working efficiency with stronger digging force and lower fuel consumption, plus a human-centered design for more convenient maintenance and lower operation costs. The FOPS cab is equipped with a guardrail, an emergency shutdown switch, alarm lamp and camera to guarantee a high level of safety.
  • Articulated dump truck XDA40: It adopts an imported genuine engine, transmission box and axles to achieve robust power, low fuel consumption and high working efficiency. Its pump controlling hydraulic system and load-sensitive steering system enhance system stability and speedy troubleshooting. The driver’s cab is equipped with ROPS and FOPS that meet ISO standards, securing the driver’s safety and driving comfort.

Global viewers can also join the livestreaming at https://live.global-ce.com/xcmg210520, starting from 4 p.m. (Beijing time) on May 20.

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