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Samsung Electronics’ subsidiary, HARMAN announced the introduction of a new end-to-end 5G Testing Lab for 5G CP devices.

This will equip technology providers like device manufactures, chipmakers, Telcos and more with the ability to execute a variety of protocol and functional tests, along with validating and examining applications in a real 5G radio environment.

HARMAN’s state-of-the-art 5G Lab enables a holistic, device-to-cloud performance analysis – enabling chipset conformance testing, pre-certification testing, network operator approval testing, application performance verification and more.

As a result, technology providers can receive detailed and authentic insight into the full-spectrum user experience of a device and accelerate their path to market.

HARMAN Digital Transformation Services Senior Vice President David Owens said advances in technologies like 5G yield significant opportunities to accelerate innovation across nearly every industry – from healthcare and manufacturing, transportation to consumer device support.

“But, to turn innovation into impact, testing the reliability and effectiveness of new technologies is crucial. Now, with the new comprehensive HARMAN 5G Testing Lab, technology providers have a one-stop shop to not only test and verify their solutions cohesively from device-to-cloud – but collect additional detailed insight about device performance across multiple variables and truly raise the bar for consumer 5G experiences,” said David Owens.

With its blend of experience building consumer devices, deploying enterprise technologies and integrating partner applications, HARMAN is uniquely equipped to bring holistic, end-to-end 5G testing into a single, unified environment to help technology providers accelerate their verification and development processes.

Silicon providers, device OEMs and Telcos can leverage the HARMAN 5G Testing Lab to not only validate their solutions today, but determine how to scale, expand and innovate well into the 5G future.

HARMAN’s Testing Lab will simulate a 5G radio and core network to measure multiple levels of end-to-end application performance. The Lab will first assess radio output, testing frequency, signal quality and modulations – followed by measuring data throughout application layers to assess the output of specific use cases like VR, video and more.

In addition, the Lab can also simulate different network conditions, such as weather or unexpected network interference, and introduce partner applications to deliver a completely holistic assessment of how new 5G devices will operate in the field – and in the hands of consumers.

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