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The fund will be utilised to strengthen its patient healthcare delivery

MedSign, a Bengaluru based health Tech startup working in the field of digitalisation of Health Records and Continuity of Care, has announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount as a Seed Fund from SMSRC, a strategic advisor and research catering to the pharma industry in India and Bangladesh, as a part of its strategic collaboration.

MedSign was founded in 2018 by healthcare professionals Dr. Kamlesh Patel, Shrihari Shidhaye and VivanDarole.

Dr Kamlesh-Patel
Shrihari Shidhaye

The MedSign platform aims to improve patient outcomes by addressing two missing pieces of the healthcare ecosystem i.e. improving accessibility of real-time, comprehensive, transferrable and transparent patients health records at the point-of-care & improving Continuity of Care.

Speaking on this investment, MedSign Founder-Director Shrihari Shidhaye said as the company embarks on its next level of growth, this Seed Funding from SMSRC will help strengthen our offerings to the market and thereby enhance patient care.

“It is made possible by digitizing patient’s health journey to create a comprehensive digital medical database, that is secure, easily accessible and real-time for clinicians & patients. Further, SMSRC’s widespread existing doctor network and relationships across the healthcare ecosystem will be an important avenue towards rapid penetration of MedSign. We also plan to raise additional funds to fuel our growth and expansion plans,” said Shrihari Shidhaye.

Healthcare research

SMSRC MD & Founder Sanjoy Mitra said the company is delighted to be a part of MedSign’s growing journey.

“Driving innovation in healthcare research through technology has been key motive of SMSRC, since inception. Unlike many other health tech startups in the country with a myriad of objectives, MedSign’s primary area of focus is doctors, with relevant products for both doctors and patients,” said Sanjoy Mitra.

Sanjoy Mitra said he is confident about the uniqueness of the Medsign platform, and that has already received rave reviews from multiple stakeholders.

Affordable healthcare

MedSign Founder-Director Vivan Daarole says last decade saw a flurry of healthcare startups trying to address “healthcare access and affordability” but accessibility to real-time, comprehensive patient health records at the point-of-care and continuity of patient care yet remained unaddressed, having significant adverse impact on quality and cost of care.

“MedSign is a digital ecosystem that aims to improve health outcomes through enhanced patient careby improving health data accessibility & continuity of care,” said Vivan Daarole.

The MedSign platform offers three product suites, MedSign Pro, MedSign Care and MedSign Connect. “MedSign Pro” is a cutting edge, comprehensive yet simple EMR based clinic management software / application that helps doctors’ access patient’s health history easily, generate prescriptions in few clicks and track health parameters on an ongoing basis to provide personalised care.

It also offers various value-added features relevant & specific to different doctor speciality segments, which are the first of its kind in India. The second product “MedSign Care” is an interface for patients, enabling them to upload, view and share  health records, book appointment for in-clinic or tele-consultations and track health parameters on a regular basis.

Lastly, “MedSign Connect” truly democratises the patient health records and makes it easily available for clinicians real-time at the point of care, securely, enabling a multi-disciplinary treatment approach.

As per Dr Kamlesh Patel, Founder-Director of MedSign, “As we leverage on advanced technologies to drive better patient outcomes and lower costs, our platform remain focused towards our users.

Personalised care

Given the limited time available to physicians for each consultation, driving quick real-time access to patient records is a necessity as it leads to evidence-based accurate and faster diagnosis and personalized care. This in turn translates into improved treatment patient outcomes at lower costs, avoiding unnecessary investigations.

Since going to market in January 2020, Medsign platform has +1300 multi-specialty doctors and +19000 patients. Further, Medsign has partnerships with some of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

MedSign is the next-generation clinic platform that helps clinicians to digitalise their practice, improve patient outcomes and helps build a stronger relationships between clinicians and patients. Compatibility with any device, cloud-based data servers, video consultation, patient tools, patient communication channels, simple functions and ease of navigation. Multiple reasons for individual clinicians to use the platform.

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