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Women’s fashion brand Madame with its new campaign is honouring the contribution mothers play in every individual’s life. It will soon be launching a video to thank all of the moms out there on Mother’s Day.

The campaign showcases the bond between a mother and a child, and their everlasting impact. The emotional, supportive and always understanding nature of a mother is depicted very well through the video, it said in a release.

Stylish western wear women’s fashion brand Madame understands what it takes for a mother to juggle work, life and play. They know that moms often put others before themselves and they find that so admirable!

Madame Executive Director Akhil Jain said that the purpose of this campaign is to remind ourselves of the special place mothers hold in our lives and the ways in which they make our lives easy and beautiful.

“The core idea behind the launch of the campaign is to secure the customer’s trust and faith in the Madame brand, akin to the trust and faith they have in their mothers. The campaign also throws light on the everlasting emotions and their depth which only grows deeper with time and generations, just like a mother’s love,” he added.

A mother and child share an unbreakable and unique bond of love. This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 9 across the globe.

“The campaign appeals to our sensitivities because of the subtle interconnection made between the robust place of mothers in our lives and Madame as a trusted brand,” Jain added.

Last year, Madame had launched a special Autumn-Winters collection themed after Warner Bros. Wonder Woman to honour the indomitable spirit of women. The brand has been known for its unique initiative and campaigns which reflect its commitment towards the idea of women empowerment.

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