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HDFC securities has introduced to its customers a tool to analyse charts and take decisions based on the patterns of various stock movements.

This tool can be personalised based on customer requirement and provides a great experience in data visualization and user interfaces, it said in a release.

It has seamless integration with any application the user might be using. This introduction of an enhanced charting tool is poised to bring about a differentiated experience to customers, taking the charting activities and insights drawn out of it to a whole new level.

Being uniquely stitched to the HDFC securities mobile app with better dimensional / visual layout and driving trading actions on the go, this feature eliminates the legacy industry problems of watching charts on smaller mobile screens.

Charting has been one of the most important tools for traders and technical analysts for assessing various stocks and conclusively taking a call on them.

With this integration of a new age technology, customers will be empowered with deep market understanding and actionable insights while having an option of implementing their own learning and expertise into their trading activities. This platform will be extensively used for intraday calls and will be leveraged to book profits from short term trades.

HDFC Securities Chief Digital Officer Gagan Singla said, “The launch of this advance charting capabilities will help our customers achieve more out of their portfolios.”

“With mobile adaptive interfaces and custom visualization of data, our customers will be assisted with a clear actionable approach towards their buy/sell decisions. Through pre-trade, post-trade analysis along with a great spread over commodities and currency insights, we believe this will bring about a huge difference in our customers’ trading experience,”he added.

Advance charting platform:

  1. Capability to handle 50,000 data points in real time to provide accurate information about stocks.
  2. Capability to factor data from multiple points (third party or proprietary) and holistically produce on the charts.
  3. Superior and consistent experience across mobile, web, tablet or desktop.
  4. Ability to trade directly through the charts.
  5. Immensely aids in portfolio management and unlocking opportunities.
  6. 100+ popular pre-built indicators.
  7. Interactive time series charts based on user needs

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