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Grinntech, an investor-backed startup specialising in Lithium-Ion batteries for EVs and energy storage systems, has been judged as one of the three winners from over 192 applicants in the NXP Semiconductors India Startup Challenge 2021. 

The Challenge has a core vision to nurture Indian technology startups by providing them opportunities to connect and collaborate with industry leaders and other ecosystem stakeholders that can support them in their growth journey for global impact, a release said.

The NXP India Tech Startup Challenge is organised by NXP Semiconductors in association with Government of India’s Invest India and Startup India initiatives.

Grinntech Co-Founder and Director Nikhilesh Mishra said, “Lithium-Ion batteries are “intelligent” batteries and hence employ sophisticated Battery Management Systems (BMS) and software to optimise performance measures such as energy management, extending duty cycles, and improving power delivery, while at the same time maintaining all defined safety parameters.”

Grinntech’s product portfolio spans over complete automotive application range and comes ready with industry leading IOT functionalities, best suited for smart mobility and fleet management.

“NXP also helps in providing the extensive support and documentation to fast track the development timelines while meeting the safety standards,” he added.

“As the EV sector in India scales up, we hope tech startups like us will power its growth with Made-in-India solutions that employ globally-benchmarked technologies,” said Grinntech Co-founder and Director Puneet Jain.

“Since our move to our new facilities in Chennai, we have picked-up momentum with clients not only in the 2-wheeler space but also 3-wheelers, warehouse robots and the farm-tractor sectors,” he added.

Grinntech offers a variety of proprietary Li-Ion batteries ranging from sub-1 kWh to over 50 kWh spanning the voltage range from 12V to 350V. In addition, Grinntech is engaged in several custom battery development projects for their customers which also employ Grinntech’s proprietary Battery Management Systems.

Grinntech’s new manufacturing facility in Chennai is being scaled to manufacture 400 MWh per year of Lithium-Ion batteries. 

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