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Huawei has launched six innovative products and services, including HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo cloud container cluster, CloudIDE intelligent programming assistant, GaussDB(for openGauss) database, Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS), Pangu Model (including the world’s largest Chinese NLP model and CV model), and infrastructure software for diversified computing.

These six products were launched at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Cloud) 2021. These products deliver new levels of efficiency and quality to help developers push new frontiers, a release said.

Huawei also announced a $220 million investment into its Huawei Developer Program 2.0 this year. The Huawei Developer Program 2.0 will include the newly announced HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program, Kunpeng OpenMind Project, and Ascend OpenMind Project. This package of support will help continuously foster a robust ecosystem around HUAWEI CLOUD, Kunpeng, and Ascend.

HDC.Cloud 2021, the three-day event, is taking place in China. This will feature keynote speeches, technical summits, training camps, code labs, developer carnivals, and a variety of forums featuring teachers, young talents, and Huawei luminaries. This event brings together the industry’s top minds, talent from the academia, as well as leaders from the developer ecosystem, together to discuss the latest trends in cloud, AI, computing, and open source.

Huawei Executive Director and Huawei’s Cloud BU and Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu launched the event and said, “By 2025, 100% of enterprises around the globe will be utilising cloud technology. Cloud is the future of the ICT industry and the foundation for enterprises’ digital transformation.”

“Developers are the soul of the industry. Huawei will continue to open its technological innovation capabilities and work with developers and partners to accelerate the cloud and intelligent transformation of business,” he added.

Huge investment

At HDC.Cloud 2021, Huawei announced that in 2021 it would invest $220 million into its Huawei Developer Program 2.0, and launched initiatives including the HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program, Kunpeng OpenMind Project, and Ascend OpenMind Project.

Huawei Cloud BU and Consumer Cloud Service President Zhang Ping’an said that Huawei will invest $100 million in HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program, focusing on enabling SaaS and ISV partners, and providing cloud resources, technology enablement, and business promotion support.

The program covers six technical fields, including containers/microservices, SaaS, big data, AI, video, and intelligent edge.

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