Nevon Solutions Claims Its Full Face Breathers Masks Can Stop COVID Spread without Lockdowns
Nevon Breather mask for COVID
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Mumbai-based firm Nevon Solutions has launched full face masks called “Nevon Air Breathers” to prevent the Covid-19 spread. The company claims that these masks are efficiently designed to protect your eyes,  nose and mouth simultaneously.

As they are rated for delivering high degree of comfort to the user, they can be worn for a longer duration. Hence, the masks are touted to stop the viral spread without the need for lockdowns.

The company CEO Neeraj Sawant recommends full face masks for better protection than the N95 type (high filtration) masks and the cloth masks.

He points out that cloth masks offer minimum efficacy in protection against COVID viruses. Although the N95 type masks have the ability to block viruses and bacteria, it will lead to fatigue and breathing problems when worn for longer duration.

Existing masks are incapable of protecting your eyes even with an added face shield. The shields often expose the eyes to infection and this has been proved based on medical data. The Covid-19 virus can be so contagious that even eyes can be vulnerable to disease.

“This new mask offers efficient protection for the nose, mouth and eyes and is also comfortable for the wearer for five to ten hours of use. Along with infections, it filters PM2.5 dust particles as well as gases and pollutants. The filters are not expensive and are made with the certified filters with active carbon filtration,” Sawant explains.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that relying solely on vaccines with varying efficacy is better than some options but is not 100% solution to the pandemic. Numerous variants have spread globally, and medical experts agree that new variants are still mutating and changing the game again. The Nevon Air masks simply disallow any bacteria, virus to enter one’s body be it existing COVID strain or mutated strain or any other viruses yet to come. The added air booster sucks in air through the filters to avoid any air suction stress on one’s lungs making it very easy to breathe,” he adds.

Sawant continues, “Imposing lockdowns is necessary during COVID peaks but incurs a very heavy price on the economy. Full face breathers are the only solution that allows an economy to unlock and operate without spreading the infection.”

Sawant has discussed another added strategy that will help governments to unlock as “24 Hour Distributed Working Hour Strategy for Private Sectors”. This includes eliminating any peak hour rush by assigning sector wise working hours to companies.

For example Finance sector offices would operate from 7 am3 pm, IT Sector Offices Would Operate from 9 am – 5 pm, Media Sector from 11 am7 pm, shops and malls from 12 am9 pm and so on for 24 hour cycles.

“This strategy also includes allowing fruit, vegetable markets and medicals to operate 24 hours, so people do not rush in evening markets fearing market closure. If we allow the city to operate for 24 hours with distributed work timings there would be no peak rush while allowing the economy to run smoothly.”

Nevon Solutions

Nevon Solutions is a technology focused company located in Mumbai. Nevon Solutions has researched and developed innovative safety products and solutions and also provides research and development solutions for product design and prototyping all over the globe.

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