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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, followed by Educational Services and ECommerce & Technology Startups are likely to increase their talent pool in the first quarter of the FY22.

On the contrary, Power & Energy, BPO / ITeS, Media & Entertainment Consulting, Marketing & Advertising, Travel & Hospitality may be slightly conservative in their approach towards intent to hire, says a report from TeamLease Services.

The survey has covered 712 small, medium and large companies across the 21 sectors in India. The coverage is spread across seven functional areas- Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering, Office Services, Human Resources and Blue Collar.

The report titled ‘Employment Outlook Report Q1: April-June, 2021’ says close to 58% of corporates in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals are keen on hiring talent.

“About 55% of Educational Services companies, 51% of Ecommerce and Technology Startups and 50% of IT companies have showed a strong hiring intent for the first quarter of this fiscal,” the report added.

Bengaluru tops in hiring

While 52% of employers in Bengaluru have a strong intent to hire in April-June period, 45% of employers in Delhi and 38% in Chandigarh have intention to hire in the first quarter.

Employers in Gurugram (29%), Chennai (27%), Pune (27%) and Kolkata (25%) have shown moderate intention to hire in April-June period.

IMF and OECD growth forecasts have bolstered business sentiment and hiring intent in India. “Economic activity in India, China and Turkey has moved above pre-pandemic levels,” the report added.

Small businesses are likely to take a breather during the first quarter and are not likely to hire any more than they did during the previous quarter. Also, hiring intent sees a significant increase among the large firms, as COVID-19 related risks seem to be subsiding. Medium-sized businesses, taking a cure from the large, are displaying an intent only marginally lower than that of large businesses.

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