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Early Childhood Education startup Flintoclass’  ‘Preschool-at-home’ model has hit Rs 150 crore annual run rate in six months of its launch.

Flintoclass@HOME is currently available in India, Canada, the USA, and UAE, the startup said.

Flintoclass@HOME, a subsidiary of Flinto Learning Solutions, is a hybrid learning program that offers virtual guidance sessions to younger kids. It provides an all-inclusive learning kit, designed to work on flexible schedules to meet the needs of its audience.

The kit has an award-winning and research-backed curriculum, with every single material needed for early education.

Flinto Learning Solutions was launched in September 2013. At the heart of Flinto is the Flinto Early Learning Research Foundation is a R&D centre focussing on child development. Extensive research by experts has yielded three successful programs in the last eight years: Flintoclass – A revolutionary preschool system that ensures high-quality early learning experiences. Flintoclass@HOME – A preschool program that delivers structured early learning to the doorstep and focuses on making a child school-ready from the safety and comfort of home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flintoclass Teacher@Home – A certified teacher comes home equipped with Flintoclass’s award-winning curriculum and learning materials. Flintobox – An extra-curricular innovation focussing on the development of 16 key fundamental skills through unstructured play.

Flinto Learning Solutions CEO Arunprasad Durairaj said, “While the pandemic was challenging for everyone, preschool children were hit the hardest. Their preschools were closed, they were no longer allowed to step outside, and had little to no understanding of what was happening around them.”

“With Flinto already being a household name in early learning, parents approached us for a solution to continue quality education for their little ones. We took it as a challenge and introduced Flintoclass@HOME ‘preschool in a box’, as a comprehensive learning solution for Nursery, Pre-KG, LKG and UKG children. Today, we have a network of 1 million parents from around the world who have access to our research-based early learning curriculum, lesson plans, pre-packaged materials, and more,” he added.

Flintoclass has also tied up with a network of schools across India to provide priority admissions to Grade 1, for children graduating from the Flintoclass@HOME preschool program.

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