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Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has achieved a turnover of about Rs 13500 Crores (Provisional & Unaudited) during Financial Year 2020-21, against the previous year’s turnover of Rs 12608 crores in spite of the challenges posed by Covid-19 Pandemic & intense competition in business.

BEL‘s Order Book as on 1.4.2021 is around Rs 53000 crore. In the year 2020-21, BEL secured significant orders worth Rs 15000 crore.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh receives dividend cheque from Chairman & Managing Director of BEL Shri M V Gowtama in New Delhi on March 30.

Expressing happiness over the achievement, BEL‘s Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) M V Gowtama said BEL will continue its efforts in becoming self-reliant through enhanced focus on indigenisation, outsourcing to domestic industry with more thrust on MSME & GeM procurement and thus minimising import dependency.

“The company is poised to explore & tap new growth areas and new business avenues through continuous diversification, enhancement of capabilities & competitiveness, Modernization etc,” said BEL CMD M V Gowtama.

He also said BEL has forayed into new potential business segments viz., Healthcare Solutions, Network & Cyber Security, Space Electronics, Energy Storage Systems, Software etc., and is confident of making significant headway in these segments in the years to come.

BEL Corporate Office in Bengaluru.

Some of the major orders acquired during the year are ICU ventilators, software-defined radios & communication equipment, various types of radars, Sonars, Torpedo Decoy Systems, electronic warfare systems, networking & encryption products, and smart cities etc.

Some of the flagship projects executed during FY 2020-21 are ICU Ventilators, Missile Systems (Akash & LRSAM), Gun Upgrades, Various Radars, Various Sonars, Command & Control Systems, Electro-optic systems, Communication & Encryption products, EW Systems, Coastal Surveillance System, Electronic Fuzes, Home Land Security & Smart City Projects, KFON, Avionics Package for LCA etc.

BEL achieved Export sales of around $50 million during FY 2020-21. Major products exported include Coastal Surveillance System, Trans-Receive (TR) Modules, Bharati Radio, Identification of Friend or Foe–Interrogator (IFFI), Electro-Optic System Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilization System (EOS CoMPASS), Electro-Mechanical parts, Radar Finger Printing System (RFPS), Low Band Receivers (LBREC), Spares for Radars etc.


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