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Apple has just rolled out a bunch of security updates to patch a known vulnerability in iOS and WatchOS devices that are under active attack by hackers.

Vulnerable iOS and WatchOS Builds

The security update has just hit the iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.4.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2, besides patching older devices that run iOS 12.5.2. WatchOS also gets a new patch with 7.3.3 update.

Security researchers at Google’s Project Zero have found some loophole that has been “actively exploited” by hackers, according to Tech Crunch quoting Apple’s recent statement.

Major Security Vulnerability Found in Webkit

The vulnerability has been discovered in the Safari browser engine called Webkit that powers Apple’s native browser across all iOS devices. However, there is no clue on the source of the attacks or the specific victims of these hackers.

Apple has not divulged any info on whether the attack was targeted against a small population or if it was a largescale attack on the community.

This is the third installment of security patch being pushed this year to fix bugs under active cyberattack, following a couple of similar fixes rolled out earlier.

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