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Chennai, NFAPost: Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council (CIIC) on Saturday celebrated 2nd Foundation Day and Demo Day of startups.

A live demonstration of CIIC startups technologies and products were showcased at the event.

Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council (CIIC) has been established under Section-8 as a not-for profit company under the ambit of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology and acts as a one stop shop- Technology Business Incubator (TBI) for startups in the areas of Life Sciences, Industry 4.0 and emerging areas like 5G, Fintech, Mobility and transportation.

Currently, CIIC supports 20 student startups, 10 faculty startups, 31 external startups and 10 alumni startups. More than 450 people have found employment opportunities through CIIC startups.

CIIC is supported by BIRAC-BioNEST, Department of Biotechnology Govt of India, with an incubator funding of Rs 1.8 crore. The European Commission has recognised CIIC as an India Incubation Partner.

CIIC is the first incubator in Tamil Nadu to enable startups to receive 17 Innovation Voucher Program (IVP) grants offered by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India , Tamil Nadu since inception.

Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council (CIIC) CEO and Director M Parvez Alam said, “Crescent is making consistent efforts to create more employability among students and making them as future ready entrepreneurs.”

The CIIC has been supported by the Chancellor BSA Arif Buhary Rahman, Pro Chancellor Abdul Qadir A Rahman Buhari, Vice Chancellor A Peer Mohamed and Registrar A Azad, among other senior management team.

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