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Bengaluru, NFAPost: German automaker BMW has just launched the iX SUV and the i4 sedan in its all-electric segment. The carmaker has set its sight on building 25 new electrified cars in its production lineup by 2025.

For the first time, BMW has shed more light on the intrinsic details of the i4, besides sharing the first exterior shots of the new model. The i4 is rated to produce up to 300 miles of range with a power output of 390 kW/530 HP and accelerate from 0 to 100kmh in just 4 seconds.

The mileage rating of the i4 is based on EPA’s test procedures and BMW’s own prelimiary tests. In other words, the i4 can go from LA to Las Vegas in a single charge which is the same range as the iX. The i4, however, boasts a bit higher horsepower than BMW’s new SUV.

In comparison, Tesla offers slightly better range than the BMW’s latest offerings while the all-electric Porsche and Audi models like the eTaycan and e-tron GT fall behind by a huge margin. To be precise, the Porsche and Audi all-electric cars fall in the lower range of 200s.

“With its sporty looks, best-in-class driving dynamics and zero local emissions, the BMW i4 is a true BMW. It makes the heart of the BMW brand now beat fully electric,” said Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG who looks after Customer, Brands and Sales.

There is no word on the pricing details and other specs for the i4 yet. However, the BMW sedan is expected to hit the market later this year while further product details could come out in the summer.

“The iX is purpose built, it’s spectacular and it’s a completely new BMW X product,” Frank Weber, BMW’s head of development, said at a press event earlier this week.

“But what people are longing for is to see that we have a sport sedan that is fully electric. [ … ] And the i4 has everything it takes to have a real sporty sedan from BMW that is fully electric.”

The i4 offers greater headroom and passenger space for comfort unlike the i3, as the former is a standard, four-door sedan. The sporty yet roomy i4 will also feature the new version 8 of its iDrive operating system as announced by the company earlier this week.

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