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It is a testing ground for understanding the psychology of how people work and what makes them choose their own space to create, communicate or collaborate

Clients are welcome to work out of this office to explore and examine social behaviour and interaction levels to understand how a well-designed workplace not only encourages innovation but it accelerates business transformation


Space Matrix, a Singapore-headquartered global workplace design and build consulting firm, launched a first of its kind experiential facility in India for its clients and staff, aptly called [β] Lab.

The [β]Lab is an amalgamation of multiple work environments offering clients a real-time experience of possible workspace design solutions and alternatives to figure out the most appropriate solution for their future workplaces.

Space Matrix started exploring this ideology 5 years ago by creating lifelike mockups for all their projects to ensure that the clients get to experience a part of their signed off design before the entire office was built.

Now it is being taken to the next level by creating a space that allows its clients to explore various design solutions before committing to the overall design of their facility. This is an industry first and game-changer for the Workspace Interior design industry.

Speaking about this, Space Matrix India CEO Akshay Lakhanpal said [β]Lab is the embodiment of our purpose as designers — creating unique and immersive workspaces that inspire people and impact the business.

“This office is an eclectic workspace that can empower people to test design solutions, belief in them and then recommend it to the clients with conviction. It is an attempt to break through the workplace jargons and understand the impact of workplace design on employee morale, culture and eventually the business itself in a DIY fashion,” said Akshay Lakhanpal.

Akshay Lakhanpal said the company invites its clients and industry colleagues to come to explore, experiment and evolve as beta test the future of work and workplace.

Space Matrix CEO Arsh Chaudhry said the conception and delivery of [β]Lab in India, is a testament to the company’s commitment to continually test and push the boundaries of the office of the future.

“Its impact on employee wellbeing, productivity, culture and ultimately business success. We look forward to exploring this paradigm with all of you,” said Arsh Chaudhry.

The concept of the[β] Lab is even more pertinent at this time when organisations and employees are trying to understand the current work landscape and strategizing how to navigate the new normal and create a welcoming and safe environment at their workplace, to attract the talent back to the office.

As employees start accessing their offices, organisations need to analyse which working styles and design ideas encourage collaboration, co-creation, stronger connection with colleagues and the organisation — aspects that were missing for the last 1 year while working from home. These would not only help the employees but also their organisation to evolve in the post-pandemic world.

[β]Lab with its choice of work environments and seamless integration of technology offers solutions that can help figure out what will be the best workplace solution for adoption.

Clients can test workspace design elements including furniture, chairs, wall finishes, flooring options, building services, shading options etc to experiment alongside workplace technology and audio video solutions from established industry leaders and startups alike which allows its staff and clients to experience those products/solutions before recommending them or using those in their own facility.

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