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Reinforces network strength to connect metro & non-metro cities across the country

First and only airline to launch direct flights on the routes of Pune–Darbhanga, Pune-Durgapur, Pune-Gwalior, Pune-Jabalpur, Pune-Varanasi, Kolkata–Darbhanga, Chennai–Jharsuguda & Nashik-Kolkata

Launches new flights connecting Darbhanga with Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune & Kolkata, Jharsuguda with Chennai & Durgapur & Gwalior with Pune

To connect Srinagar with key metros of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru & Kolkata

Enhances frequencies on a host of routes such as Delhi-Gorakhpur, Mumbai-Rajkot, Chennai-Madurai, Mumbai-Goa, Delhi-Srinagar, Delhi-Dharamshala among others

New flights effective 28th March, 2021; Bookings open

New Delhi, NFAPost: SpiceJet, the country’s favourite airline and the largest regional player, announced the launch of 66 new domestic flights.

These new flights reiterate the airline’s commitment to augmenting connectivity between metro and non-metro cities as part of its enhanced network. The new flights are scheduled to commence operations effective 28th March, 2021.

SpiceJet is the first Indian airline to introduce daily direct flights on the Pune–Darbhanga, Pune-Durgapur, Pune-Gwalior, Pune-Jabalpur, Pune-Varanasi, Kolkata–Darbhanga, Chennai–Jharsuguda and Nashik-Kolkata sectors.

Travel demand

In a bid to support the increasing travel demand from smaller cities which were initially connected by SpiceJet under UDAN, the airline has introduced new flights connecting Darbhanga, Durgapur, Jharsuguda, Gwalior and Nashik with some key metro cities.

The airline will launch new flights on the sectors of Ahmedabad-Darbhanga-Ahmedabad, Hyderabad-Darbhanga-Hyderabad, Pune-Darbhanga-Pune and Kolkata-Darbhanga-Kolkata after connecting Darbhanga with Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru earlier.

Similarly, Durgapur will now be connected to Pune which SpiceJet already connects with Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Jharsuguda will now be connected to Chennai in addition to Delhi, Hyderabad & Kolkata which SpiceJet already operates to.

While Gwalior which was earlier connected with Hyderabad, Jammu, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Delhi will now be connected to Pune as well.

Tourist destination

After connecting Nashik with Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, SpiceJet will now connect the city with Kolkata as well. The airline will also be the first to connect Pune with Darbhanga, Durgapur, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Varanasi.

The airline will launch multiple new flights connecting Srinagar, one of the most popular tourist destinations, with key cities with flights on Ahmedabad-Srinagar-Ahmedabad, Bengaluru-Srinagar-Bengaluru, and Kolkata-Srinagar-Kolkata sectors.

Besides, the airline has also introduced new non-stop daily flights on the routes of Mumbai-Leh, Leh-Srinagar, Srinagar-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Mumbai, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Surat, Surat-Mumbai, Kochi-Pune, Pune-Kochi, Jabalpur-Pune and Pune-Jabalpur.

The airline will also enhance its operations with additional frequencies on Delhi-Gorakhpur (2nd frequency), Mumbai-Rajkot (2nd frequency), Chennai-Madurai (2nd frequency), Mumbai-Jaipur (2nd frequency), Bengaluru-Goa (2nd frequency), Mumbai-Srinagar (2nd frequency), Delhi-Rajkot (2nd frequency), Delhi-Srinagar (3rd & 4th frequency), Delhi-Dharamshala (3rd frequency), Mumbai-Goa (3rd  & 4th frequency) amongst many other routes.

Summer schedule

SpiceJet Chief Commercial Officer Shilpa Bhatia said the airline is delighted to further expand its domestic operations and add 66 new flights to the network for the start of this summer schedule.

“As the country’s largest regional operator, the new flights further reiterate our commitment towards enhancing regional connectivity, besides offering unique connections to many leisure destinations. We are committed to provide all our valued travellers easy, safe and secure travel to their favourite destinations,” said SpiceJet Chief Commercial Officer Shilpa Bhatia.

With the new flights passengers from cities such as Varanasi, Srinagar, Leh, Dharamshala, Rajkot, Surat, Madurai and Gorakhpur among others will be able to easily travel to a host of other cities both on SpiceJet’s domestic as well as international network.

The airline will be deploying its Boeing 737  & Bombardier Q400 aircraft on these routes. Bookings are now open on, SpiceJet’s mobile app and through online travel portals and travel agents.


Flight schedule:

Flt No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival Frequency Effective from Starting fare (INR)
SG  0749 Mumbai Leh 05:55 08:45 Daily 28-Mar-21  6211
SG  0749 Leh Srinagar 09:15 10:05 Daily 28-Mar-21  2617
SG  0750 Srinagar Mumbai 10:40 13:40 Daily 28-Mar-21  5595
SG  0957 Delhi Srinagar 14:45 16:10 Daily 28-Mar-21  2537
SG  0958 Srinagar Delhi 16:45 18:20 Daily 28-Mar-21  2749
SG  0373 Delhi Srinagar 07:00 08:30 Daily 28-Mar-21  2537
SG  0374 Srinagar Delhi 09:00 10:30 Daily 28-Mar-21  2749
SG  0411 Delhi Gorakhpur 16:00 17:30 Daily 28-Mar-21  2811
SG  0412 Gorakhpur Delhi 18:00 19:35 Daily 28-Mar-21  2745
SG  0395 Pune Varanasi 11:50 14:05 2,4,7 28-Mar-21  5595
SG  0396 Varanasi Pune 15:25 17:35 2,4,7 28-Mar-21  5601
SG  0647 Kolkata Nashik 06:00 08:30 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  4999
SG  0648 Nashik Kolkata 09:00 11:30 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  5001
SG 0455 Mumbai Goa 15:35 17:05 Daily 28-Mar-21  2105
SG 0487 Goa Mumbai 17:35 19:10 Daily 28-Mar-21  2166
SG 0349 Mumbai Goa 0:25 1:45 Daily 28-Mar-21  2105
SG 0611 Goa Mumbai 5:20 6:45 Daily 28-Mar-21  2166
SG 0117 Hyderabad Mumbai 19:25 20:50 Daily 28-Mar-21  2378
SG 0118 Mumbai Hyderabad 21:30 23:05 Daily 28-Mar-21  2189
SG  0539 Ahmedabad Srinagar (Via Jammu) 6:40 10:05 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  5549
SG  0540 Srinagar Ahmedabad (Via Jammu) 10:40 14:05 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  5904
SG 0516 Pune Goa 12:50 13:45 1,2,3,4,5,7 28-Mar-21  2268
SG 0517 Goa Pune 14:20 15:20 1,2,3,4,5,7 28-Mar-21  2286
SG 0391 Ahmedabad Darbhanga 8:25 11:00 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  3864
SG 0392 Darbhanga Ahmedabad 11:30 13:45 1,2,3,4,5,6 28-Mar-21  4003
SG 3233 Bengaluru Goa 19:05


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