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Atari is to develop a cryptocurrency casino in partnership with Decentral Games. The company is behind the iconic Pacman, Asteroids and Pong,

According to a press release, the Atari-branded casino will be built in “Vegas City” – a gaming district in Ethereum-based Decentraland‘s metaverse and will be leased on an initial two-year term.

In virtual worlds, players inhabit an avatar’s body while interacting with the digital world or “metaverse.” Decentral Games, part of the Decentraland ecosystem, claims to be the first community-owned metaverse crypto casino.

The new casino, based on Decentral Games’ tech, will feature Atari-themed games including an Atari Special game based on skill rather than luck. Players will be able to earn Decentral Games’ native token ($DG) by playing with MANA (+11.26%), DAI (+0.16%) and Atari tokens.

Token holders of $DG will also be able to utilize them to participate in governance and company-related decision making, according to the release.

“Through collaborating with Decentral Games, we can move the Atari gaming experience onto the blockchain,” said Atari’s CEO Frederic Chesnais in the announcement.

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